I write to you cheerfully from Fractaleland, which I flew to upon the Guinness Gundam recently. Although there has been a touch of rain, I have found the weather generally agreeable. Toward the beginning of my journey, I dropped by Clain’s cottage to say hello, making sure to walk in with no pants or skirt or shorts on. When Clain looked up to see who was coming in, I of course smacked him quite hard across the face, shrieked at him for being a pervert, and left. It was rather grand.

I then availed myself upon the hospitality of a certain Irish blogger, and we hit the pub before hitting the high cliffs of Fractaleland. It was a grand idea, although as it turns out it takes merely a pint and a half of cider to get to aru Irish no blogger rather tippling. The driver of the coach seemed mildly surprised that neither of us tripped our way over the cliff’s edge, although I was not concerned as surely a Fractaleland flying contraption would’ve grabbed us up in no time!

So as I’ve traveled about, I’ve mainly been using my Guinness Gundam, although I have lost track of it as late as I traded it for some Bulmer’s, Guinness not being to my taste. I am not terribly worried about it, though, since I have my eyes on the Kopperberg Gundam that someone at this hostel apparently has. I am not above Gundam thievery!

Sadly, I have not laid any eyes upon the easy on the eyes Phyrne! But I am sure I’ll find her soon, there is a monastic settlement nearby! I will make my way to it upon the morn.

As regards my episodic posts… well, I’ll start up again on Mawaru Peguindrum when I get back, maybe do one big post for the episodes I’ll have been absent for. Prince-sama will get a post for each episode, since it is much easier to blog. But I’m going to be away a while yet, seeing Fractaleland from the back of a Gundam. It shall be grand! Although the world may end by week’s end… or, at the very least, the space-time continuum may break down! When that occurs, you may blame me, and another to aru Irish no blogger! Different from the previously mentioned one.

The Fractale church, by the way, was just as lovely as last time and just as damp, too. Thankfully there were no perverts about! That icky Clain!

As a wise man once said, pogue mahone!

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  1. ajthefourth says:

    Glad to hear that you’re having fun! ^ ^

  2. 1.5 pints… tut tut…

    Nice to know you’re having fun, even though there’s something rather sad if Fractale is the only recent anime example for Ireland. Worst. Tourism. Advertisement. Ever!

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I’ve decided that my next quest is to force myself to enjoy it. I will then toil as its only defender. Wish me luck.

      • Noooooo, that path can only lead to madness!

        This coming from someone who recently tried doing the same with Macross 7, I can safely say you’re just punishing yourself.

  3. Baka-Raptor says:

    pics or it didn’t happen

  4. Sounds like a really magical place! Enjoy xD

  5. Caraniel says:

    Prepare yourself Universe!!

    I should visit Fractaleland again, its been years since I was last down that area of the country.

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