Uta no Prince-sama Episode Seven



Sigh, unsurprisingly, Fish Eyes is gonna end up with not/Hayato-sama it seems based on the further solidification of the plot’s orientation toward his story. I find it rather irritating, as I quite frankly find him to the be the least interesting of the haremettes… well, ok the red-haired one was pretty bad, too, so I guess they tie for last place. But at least red-haired one is a decent guy – not/Hayato-sama is rather a jerk to Haruka, and usually for little reason.

I clarify that it is often for little reason since toward the end of this episode we had a rare moment where it wasn’t totally unwarranted – here he is, angsting away, and Haruka comes along to bug him and insist he knows how he feels. The girl barely knows him, of course he’d get annoyed!

I was amused in this episode for the rather tongue-in-cheek moment with Suit-sensei when he kicked not/Hayato-sama out of the premium class, saying that, yeah, technically his music is great, but that that isn’t the point of idols. Now there’s calling it like it is! Goodness, the idol business isn’t there to make musicians, kids.

Even if Haruka has degraded completely as a character, she did ask the $64,000 question of why not/Hayato-sama would bother to enroll in an idol school if he already is an idol. Some convoluted thing about Shining Saotome inviting him there to become a real singer blah blah blah who cares. Shining is our potential villain? Well, obviously not, he’s just being mean to help improve his chillens! Meh, who cares, can we have the crazy one back again?

On the positive side, we had some rather nicely animated scenes involving rain. Its moments like these when you notice how much money A-1 has put into this project, hilariously enough. They actually took the time to individually draw each droplet of water on the windows of a car rather than just have them all streaky, for example. If nothing else, Prince-sama is nice to look at.

Oh, yes, and it rained all episode, since it was SO ANGST-TASTIC. LOOK AT NOT/HAYATO-SAMA SUFFFFFFFFERRRRRR. Hey, not/Hayato-sama, wanna make a contract with me?

No cat this week. Pretty sure the cat is a haremette. Next week? One can hope.

Oh, totally random, but the bit with Haruka playing piano in class at the start of the episode made me wish there’d been pianos in all the classrooms of my high school.

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2 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Episode Seven

  1. Caraniel says:

    Boring Not/Hayato-sama is boring…….and angsty, for very little reason. Oh wah, I’m a successful idol, but my perfect singing voice lacks heart!! oh woe is me~!

    I’ve also been pretty impressed with just how much effort A1 have put into the animation for this series, its been a while since such a ridiculously shallow reverse-harem show got a decent budget.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Honestly, I think they could’ve done a lot more HAD he actually been Hayato-sama’s twin, and was filling in for his twin because his twin had mysterious anime ailment and couldn’t keep working. It’d be a lot more satisfying as a problem, ultimately, too – he’s sneaking around doing his bro’s career while trying to be a student himself, and then issues of identity, etc. What they’re actually doing is so fucking dull.

      How about, when was the last time a reverse harem show got a budget, period?

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