Uta no Prince-sama Episode Nine

Why is it that Day is still bothering with this show?

Well, its the final stretch, and I’m blogging it, so I guess I have to. But thank goodness we’re winding down, as we’ve continued in the slump that started in episode seven. However, the proceedings have somehow managed to become even less interesting to follow than in episode eight’s blender approach to narrative. The entire episode is essentially a paint-by-the-numbers reverse harem fest, wherein one of the boys after another declares his intent to have Haruka as his partner for the final project. Its a total snoozefest that certainly could’ve been handled much more quickly than it was. About halfway through I found my attention wandering, my eyes on the tray on which I’d re-heated my pan-friend angel hair noodles. “Look at all that grease!”, I thought, “I wonder… hmm…” and my eyes settled onto the matches at hand. Hmmmmmmmmmmm…..

Well, I didn’t light anything on fire, although I really wanted to. Bill Clinton and Argyle Sweater continued to fight their proxy war via Haruka, Annoying Red-head keeps being exuberantly sincere, Psycho Glasses is 80% less crazy and 80% less fun than he’s ever been, Wannabe Punk has a poorly disguised crush on Suit-sensei, and not/Hayato-sama is all “I am quiet and somewhat broody.” What a wretched episode!

Cougar Roomie admits she’d like to have been partner with Fish Eyes, which of course begs – well, why the fuck didn’t you ask in the first place? There’s some B.S. about talent, which is just as tiresome as it is anywhere else, but I don’t really see the point of including it given that we know it is a dead end right from its introduction. That Fish Eyes has a lot of talent? Don’t we already know that? And why use that as window dressing, anyway, when we all know its a reverse harem show and that’s why they all want to pair with her?

We all know who is going to “win”, too. And, really, it is winning, since Fish Eyes has degraded as a character to the point where she wholly lacks any agency she ever possessed to begin with. The boys all want to pair with her, so… they just write her name in on their forms without asking her first! And what does Fish Eyes do when confronted with this? Blush, stutter, and get embarrassed. Good lord, chiquita, you’ve wanted to write for not/Hayato-sama all along, just write his freaking name down! I know you’re all freaked about hurting folks’ feelings, but prolonging the process will just make it harder when you’ve rejected them and all that’s left are the dregs of the academy. And if they’re mad, geez, just claim that you drew lots or something. Its not that hard.

But, I’ll admit I’m probably being a bit unfair, as she is a high school student. She’s behaving well within bounds of a high school student by stalling and getting flustered. But it is rather annoying to watch it as an audience nevertheless, especially when she had a stronger will to start with and wasn’t so easily swayed by all these boys when she first met them. All she seems to do any more is blush.

Sigh. At least SHINING SAOTOME brightened the episode up a bit, as did Trap-sensei. I just wish they had more screen-time.

At this point, I’m pulling for Annoying Red-head to end up with Fish Eyes even though I know it’ll never happen. I don’t really like him, but he’s actually a decent guy, which is more than I can say for mope-face not/Hayato-sama. I’m not crazy about Fish Eyes either, but I don’t dislike her, so… yeah. Even though in an ideal world she’d be with Cougar Roomie! And, yeah, I basically slash everyone else in various sundry ways (Bill Clinton and Argyle Sweater, Wannabe Punk with an unrequited crush on Suit-sensei, Suit-sensei and Trap-sensei, and maybe Psycho Glasses to comfort Wannabe Punk’s broken heart…. uh, guess Catboy can go furry it up with the sheep or something).

Sigh. It’s all downhill from here, isn’t it? No chance of a Trap-sensei route episode at this point. SIGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. Maybe there’ll be an OVA. Oo, and it could be ~dirty~. Hnnngh.

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2 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Episode Nine

  1. Caraniel says:

    Boring, boring episode – clearly just padding now because there was absolutely no need to make this “OMG I’m so talented, popular and conflicted” crap last an entire episode. Slashing the characters and imagining them in amusing circumstances is much more fun.

    I for one appreciate you blogging this show~!

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Well at least someone appreciates it!

      I suppose that Fish Eyes and not/Hayato-sama then are ultimately perfect for each other, as they both have the same stupid, boring problems.

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