Uta no Prince-sama Episode Ten


So, all that angst and uguu and angst in episode nine was for naught – Fish Eyes had a great idea! She’ll write something for alllll of the boys to sing! Hooray!

Well, ok, hooray until two are cranky about it, and then SHINING SAOTOME busts and in and is all “LULZ THAT IS NOT ALLOWED!” which, really, should’ve been obvious from the start. Not to mention that if Fish Eyes takes up six people from the idol track that theoretically leaves five people from the composers track in the lurch.

But, oh, wait! Through the power of sheer will and sparkles they convince SHINING SAOTOME otherwise! He has an acid trip as they play and sing the brilliant Maji Love 1000%, and tells them its a-okay to go along with the stupidity right before hopping in his helicopter. Because there is a helipad on top of one of the school buildings. OBVIOUSLY.

Dear lord, what a fucking troll-tastic episode. So we get harem end after all. There was a brief moment where I thought the show was actually going to pull off an effective twist and have Fish Eyes end up with the sweet-hearted Annoying Red-head, but, well, so much for that. But that not/Hayato-sama isn’t going to end up with Fish Eyes as things stand? Holy hell, now I didn’t see that one coming!

However, there is a hint of OMINOUS THINGS at the end of the episode as not/Hayato-sama’s manager discovers SHINING SAOTOME’s name on not/Hayato-sama’s phone screen. So, actually, maybe he will end up as the guy. Lame. He was just a dick to Fish Eyes this episode, too.

Completely unnecessary flashbacks also clog up this week’s material, as we have a flashback scene that occurs literally thirty seconds after the scene itself happened. There are also at least four flashbacks which happen within two and a half minutes of the scene’s first run-through. I guess the budget’s starting to run thin, A-1? Or is it that material that is? I didn’t even mention that Maji Love 1000% is sung entirely in episode and then we get it as the ED as well.

Regressing somewhat, in my previous episode post I talked about how it was irresponsible of Fish Eyes to stall around not choosing someone since it made things more difficult for those who would end up rejected. Well, I will credit A-1 with frequently having the characters say to each other the very things I’m making faces about as I watch, as Trap-sensei told Fish Eyes very bluntly to not fuck everything up for all the boys by being indecisive. THANK YOU.

Um, two more episodes left, looks like it’ll be a fairly even split between the graduation audition and not/Hayato-sama’s tragic, uh, conflict with his manager. HOLY FUCK I JUST CHECKED THE LISTINGS AND THERE ARE ACTUALLY THREE EPISODES LEFT AUGHHHHHH SHOOT ME NOWWWWWWWW. Fucking not/Hayato-sama. Fuck fuck fuck. Maybe they’ll wrap up the story in two and then just have the thirteenth episode be SHINING SAOTOME acting like an absolute weirdo for twenty-two minutes. Oo, or Trap-sensei making a sex tape. Now there’s something I could believe in.

On one last note, I watched episode nine earlier and had thought I was all caught up with Prince-sama. Then I realized that there was another episode today. Sheer madness. But the SHINING SAOTOME acid trip made it all worth it.

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4 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Episode Ten

  1. inushinde says:

    I would watch any show that had Shining Saotome be absolutely fucking irrelevant for an episode. Hell, if that were the entire show it’d be beyond merely watchable. Maybe with Trap-sensei frolicking about just to break things up a bit. Now THAT is a candidate for best anime idea ever.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      22 minutes of Trap-sensei frolicking would be best anime ever, hands down. SHINING SAOTOME can frolick a bit in the background. I would buy this.

  2. Caraniel says:

    Instant Boyband! Perfectly arranged vocals with no practice! Backing music out of nowhere (Fish Eyes must have a magical keyboard). HAREM END UNLOCKED!

    This episode bored me until the trolling started…….by the time SHINING SAOTOME~! was having his acid trip I was laughing my head off……HOW WILL IT ALL END NOW!? XD

    Also I agree with you both about Trap-sensei frolicking anime – do want.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I want some hip shaking action from Trap-sensei in that frolicking anime.

      I’m just annoyed by now. I wasn’t expecting anything other than stupid fun out of this show, but its opted for the blandest option possible. And, oh, let me try to get excited for not/Hayato-sama’s teary and oh-so-difficult conflict with his current manager. Never mind that not/Hayato-sama is completely in the wrong himself for violating his own contract! But he’s pretty and he just wants to sing, so that other guy is the one who is just being mean and unfair! Blech.

      Or, how about an OVA of Psycho Glasses angsting and glass breaking and such? I’d be okay with this.

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