A Cautionary Tale for Maidens


“Eli’s coming
Hide your heart, girl.”

Oh, maidens of both genders, gather round, for I have a tale of woe to tell, a narrative to help steer you clear of a siren which beckons from the very center of our world. A siren which bleeds cherryblossoms and tragedy, and paints eye-candy merrily throughout pages and animation cels aninerdolosersphere-wide. A siren known as… CLAMP.

CLAMP, CLAMP! How many lives you have ruined, with your beautiful men with heartbreaking pasts and unspeakable conflicts to surmount! You dazzle our innocent eyes, luring us in with their beauty, and fully enthralling us with their terrible fates and circumstances. Alas, by the time the truth of the situation has been revealed, it is far too late for our naive souls to turn away, to cast our gaze far from these suffering Adonises!

And, so, we are ruined, condemned to a life of longing for the sad or the jerks, sometimes combined into one. We wander forth, pining after the Domon Kasshus and the Seishin Murois of the world, even as we acknowledge their obvious downsides. It is a woeful cycle that we are cursed forever to travel in!

So I find it that I must act as a cautionary tale myself, as a signpost to prevent others from being lead so far astray… beware, young maiden! do not let yourself, too, be consigned to such a miserable destiny! Steer away, steer away! And protect thy heart; who knows when such demons may attempt to strike you unawares… keep your eyes sharp in the book stores and the anime conventions, exercise caution when following links… a wary mind and a steeled heart is the best protection you may possess.

Beware, beware! It may be too late for me, but it needn’t be for you…

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2 Responses to A Cautionary Tale for Maidens

  1. Caraniel says:

    It’s also way too late for me, I am forever ruined and doomed to gravitate towards angsty/angry/weepy bishies with impossible noodle physics bodies! If only someone had of warned me before CLAMP got their claws into my young impressionable heart!

    I do love that you have chosen Subaru & Seishirou as the image for this post – it was these two that originally corrupted me!

    • A Day Without Me says:

      The irony is that I was never actually interested in any of the CLAMP boys… its just more I consider it an act of priming: look at these well-drawn men and boys with their tragic lives. Feel for them. FEEL FOR THEMMMM. And, so, years later… I have been ruined.

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