Uta no Prince-sama Episode Thirteen (END)

Fish Eyes gets HAREM END!

Good lord, they couldn’t even do that right. I mean, after making it pretty clear that Fish Eyes wants to get to know not/Hayato-sama in the biblical sense, for the show to completely cop-out is fairly disappointing. Yeah, yeah, it wasn’t as if this was high art, sure, but giving a definitive winner isn’t exactly an adventurous move for a harem show of any sort; sure, folks will get riled up over some shows giving a definitive winner, but I find it difficult to believe that would be the case here when it was so obvious that not/Hayato-sama was the likely prince of choice.

Anyway, the episode itself actually wasn’t horrible. Having Fish Eyes go off by herself was a smart move; I liked the inclusion of her grandmother, especially since so many of these kinds of set-ups have the grandparent or parent or whomever already deceased. I was not at all expecting to actually meet up with the woman. And while the boys did all show up, it was her grandmother who got her out of the slump, not the haremettes. Nice touch.

I also enjoyed having SHINING SAOTOME play real world check for the cast, as he grinned and told Fish Eyes she didn’t have the necessary drive to be a composer for a promising idol group. We’ve had a few moments like this scattered throughout, where reality has had a sudden weird intrusion on the fantasy play, and I’ve liked it despite the brevity each time. It can be remarkably harsh for such a show at points.

Speaking of which, forgot to comment on something last episode. Some of the haremettes are all “hmph, I refuse to stay in this group if not/Hayato-sama is in it!”, but, uh, what choice do they even have, anyway? All the other folks are paired off, so its not as if they can find someone else now. They’ve got to put up with it, or they’ll only be left in the cold.

But, hey, that shit was already sorted out.

So, SHINING SAOTOME shoots down dreams, and Cougar-Roomie runs to find the boys, saying “Haruka… Haruka is…!” And I supply helpfully, “She jumped off a bridge?” Ha. Not. She’s just back home, as I mentioned before. Back home, where we learn that apparently in their world, you can just not attend school at all and play the piano all day and then go to high school! Sweet! Also, wearing knee-socks is a great idea when it is hot out.And her grandmother can play the piano without moving her arms. She’s got mad skillz, yo.

Then, the entire animation budget gets dumped on lip flaps, since the boys all show up in the middle of fucking nowhere, a.k.a. where Haruka’s grandmother has a farm. They sing their little hearts out, and have apparently installed autotune in their own throats. There are intense statements made, as well as profound ones like, “I exist because other people do.”, as uttered by Argyle Sweater. Obviously, next SHINING SAOTOME drops out of the sky, cackling like the lunatic he is (and you know he’d have been locked up ages ago if it weren’t for the fact that he’s fucking rich as hell), and reveals that GASP! It was actually a test of Fish Eyes the entire time! And she passed! Yay!

Next up, the guy who had a heart attack when getting mad at not/Hayato-sama is shown speaking on the phone with SHINING SAOTOME. He turns around and gives not/Hayato-sama’s former manager an intense look. Clearly they have been sleeping together for some time.

So, STARISH (it is all in caps! and with a star! that I cannot bother to find!) skips the graduation audition, because, seriously, who the fuck cares? These guys are the BEST POTENTIAL IDOLS EVER, THEY NEED NOT FINISH THEIR SCHOOLWORK! Trap-sensei and Suit-sensei are on a date at the concert together, and look suitably cute. SHINING SAOTOME jumps up on the seats, cackles, says “YOU DESU!” at some point, and then leaps onto a balloon which he then punctures and flies off on, thus reminding us that he is the best part of the show.

Backstage, Fish Eyes high-fives everyone, and is wearing a cute outfit. Once on-stage, its just the MAJI LOVE 1000% song and animation from the ending, and which we saw in regular size in the first episode when it was the opening. However, the observant eye sees that Bill Clinton’s hand totally strays to Argyle Sweater’s ass, showing that they have finally gotten over their silly neuroses and worries and started dating/fucking each other in broom closets. Cougar-Roomie screams excitedly in the crowd, clearly thrilled to see that they’ve realized their true love for one another… and also because she now sees she has two less rivals for her friend’s attentions.

And then…!

It’s over!


Also, there was some really pretty art this episode. And those lip-flaps were pretty damn good.

Oh, yeah, and I finally realized that Wannabe Punk looks like he stole part of Boy George’s closet for his debut.

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2 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama Episode Thirteen (END)

  1. dliessmgg says:

    The best part was when wannabe punk didn’t wear that horrible outfit from the last two episodes anymore (and SAOTOME, of course).

    • A Day Without Me says:

      That fringe was so fucking…. what the fuck? What are you wearing, child? You look like the lovechild of Carson Kressley and a washing machine on acid.

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