Uta no Prince-sama – MAJI LOVE 1000% Series Review

It’s over, it’s over, Strongbad says its over!

Please tell me someone got that, and that I haven’t managed to actually become a dinosaur yet. Folks still know what Team Girl Squad is, surely?

So, Uta no Prince-sama, glorious reverse harem crapfest that it was, has finally ended. Since I blogged the entire show (somehow!), I don’t think I really need to go into great detail here, and will opt more to just sum up my take on the show.

Assigning grades to the show, I give the first half a 10. They were stupid, ridiculous, and quite entertaining, which is exactly what I was hoping to get out of it. However, the second half gets a 3… and only because of SHINING SAOTOME’s absurd moments. These episodes were downright painful; essentially, everything that had been amusing about the first half was dumped in favor of soppy, sloppy angst. And, boy, was it irritating to watch some enjoyable junk degenerate into that mess.

So… a 6.5? I suppose that by numbers, it ends up that way, although I’m fresh off the bad portion of the show and inclined to be much harsher than that. Ask me in a month and maybe I’ll feel rosier about it.

There’s really not much left to say. I do hope that Prince-sama is indicative of A-1 deciding to adapt female-aimed crap on a somewhat regular basis, given that they also handled the Togainu no Chi adaptation. Speaking of which, as far as female-aimed game adaptations go, Prince-sama does completely destroy Togainu no Chi, which became mind-numbingly dull much, much sooner and to a much more intense degree than Prince-sama ever did; at least I finished Prince-sama, I couldn’t even manage that with TnC.

Not exactly a ringing endorsement. Honestly, I encourage watching the first six episodes or so, and forgetting about the rest. If you are in need of a conclusion, then skip over episodes seven through ten, and just pick up with twelve and thirteen. Twelve is awful, while thirteen is serviceable, but I hardly said that getting a conclusion would be good.

On the technical side, the animation was pretty good, as was the art; there were some dips in quality on this front, but on the balance you can tell A-1 spent a bit of money on it. The insert songs, opening, and ending were gloriously awful J-pop, which is just what I wanted. Even so, I will admit that the moments when Fish Eyes sang were actually a nice respite after all the synthesizers of the other songs – she sang either unaccompanied or with one instrument, think it was a piano.

I just wish the entire show had been like the first half. Or, even if they had to get a bit serious, that they’d devoted less episodes to the stupid junk with not/Hayato-sama and inter-group tension. Surely they could’ve tossed in Suit-sensei and Trap-sensei as haremettes as well; I generally dislike student-teacher romance, but in something like this I could’ve stood it. They also could’ve actually given vaguely-Arab-looking-cat-prince an entire episode instead of about seven minutes of weird interlude in the middle of episode eight. Ah well.

Other last items to mention:

  • it does still irritate me that Fish Eyes started off promisingly insofar as shoujo heroines go… which is to say, she wasn’t there to be an idol, didn’t get flustered about talking to guys, and was a hard worker; by the end, she’s almost completely hopeless as a lead, with the sole exception that she gets her own ass back on her feet with some prodding from her grandmother, not because the haremettes tell her to ganbatte
  • we all know this show would’ve been even better had there been BL and yuri; also, more believable! after watching Bill Clinton and Argyle Sweater glower at each other and have rivalry tension, it felt fake to have Fish Eyes suddenly swoop in and fix Bill Clinton’s problems!
  • OVA of Trap-sensei’s route? please?
  • I now demand we get a Princess Debut anime
  • I went running after finishing my episodic post for this, and during it I got sick and tripped over a dead raccoon; coincidence? HARDLY

In closing, I’d like to note that the above picture is of Uta no Prince-sama microtowels… or, as I like to call them in this neck of the woods, fap cloths. You know I speak but the truth.

EDIT: There is apparently Prince-sama stationery out there. I will buy this and proceed to write all my love letters on it.

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  2. jpmeyer says:

    I laughed super hard at how the incompetent the end of this episode was. The last few minutes of the episode were everyone singing the ED, which then immediately segued into…playing the ED a second time for the credits. Any other show would’ve just done the standard overlay-the-credits-over-the-concert last episode presentation.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Well, basically, A-1 spent their last yen on lip-flaps, so, well, they just had to recycle shit… they couldn’t afford to have a single other line read or any new scene animated, but they had to hit the correct run-time, so…!

  3. Mathes says:

    Thanks for blogging and reviewing this show.
    It sure was a terrific ride..

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