Mashiro-iro Symphony at a Glance

A KeyAni-wannabe appeared! Go, Pikachu!

Most specifically, it smells like it really wants to be Kanon, or at least wants us to think it’ll be like Kanon, based on the snowy scenes and vague and pretentious monologue in the first scene of the show, along with the wintery imagery of the first ten seconds or so of the OP. But, hey, they don’t call them wannabes for no reason; this is no KeyAni show.

Mashiro-iro Symphony is, like a lot of things I’ve seen this season, not nearly as bad as I was expecting, joining the illustrious ranks of MajiKoi and Kimi to Boku. While in MajiKoi’s case, this actually indicates something, for Mashiro-iro is simply means that while the first episode was awash in harem tropes, it did not drown in them, which is hardly praise. That the preview for episode two consists of one of the characters shrieking at the male lead, and covering up her partially exposed breasts bodes very ill for the show, and squashes any sense of optimism one could possibly have mustered throughout the first episode.

Of course, the premise was ludicrous the moment it became publicly-available information, so it isn’t as if any of this comes as a shock. Rather, the fact that the episode contained no accidental breast-grabs nor panty shots does. Thankfully, Manglobe knew that if it pushed the envelope any further, fans would be terribly disappointed, so there are already two moetards dotting the landscape of the show, one of whom is an imouto (moeeeeeeeeee!) and one of whom is a maid (moeeeeeeeee!). Our would-be tsundere starts off by being a decent human being, but lest that make anyone nervous, she’s yelling by the end of the episode, albeit with good reason; the next episode preview exists as a fuzzy blanket to soothe your potentially worried moe-lover heart, though, since its pure verbal abuse of the lead at its finest. And, to top it all off, androphobic sensei is cowering by the door to the auditorium, positively terrified of the prospect of having to deal with young, male students. Oh, the horrors!

Also: who decided long ribbons with kinks look good in hair or on school uniforms? This is overdone and it looks stupid.

And people wonder why I say harem shows suck.

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One Response to Mashiro-iro Symphony at a Glance

  1. Mizuumi says:

    Harems suck mostly because of the fact that most harems aren’t really harems! their just a bunch of other girls who have a crush on the same guy that the main girl loves it usually goes like this:
    first girl he meets-he/she start a crush on the other-every other girl falls for him-he ends up with the first one he met or
    first girl he meets-he/she start a crush on the other-every other girl falls for him-he ends up with his (usually adopted)sister-first girl vows to never give up and becomes love rival
    first girl he meets-he/she start a crush on the other-every other girl falls for him-child hood friend comes to town- love quadruple happens- he ends up with child hood friend

    you know it’s really unfair to all the other girls especially if you have a favorite because you know they never had a chance from the get-go and you can usually tell who the guy will get with by either the opening or ending credits. the girl with the most attention is the prom queen and everybody else is just a back up cheerleader. they take away the mystery that way because it’s no longer a “who will he choose” but more of a “dude, just kiss her already”.

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