Stream of Consciousness Reaction: A Former Classmate Goes to Comiket


ONE DAY, recent vintage…

Sitting at the laptop, on the Book of Face, scrolling down, being bitchy.

I’m just tired of people being unreal to my face. You know who you are. Why don’t you grow up?

Fucking bitch needs to grow the fuck up, holy shit. I should just un-friend her. But then I’d have less to get bitchy about. Maybe another time.


What the fuck is wrong with this fucker?

I read this great thing today, which I think really shows why Ron Paul is our only option if we care about America…


Back in Tokyo, gonna check out Comiket tomorrow!

Back in Tokyo, gonna check out Comiket tomorrow!

Wait a minute, what the fuck, Comiket? You don’t even like anime, why do you get to go to Comiket?  I like anime, and I don’t get to go to Comiket, what the fuck. This isn’t fair. I picked Japan for my first choice for stationing! First choice!

This is just proof that the universe is stacked against me, a college classmate gets to go to Comiket and he isn’t even into anime. If I were stationed in Japan, I’d go to Comiket… and all those other anime events. This isn’t fair! I wanna go to the cherryblossom festivals, too… dammit, I studied Japanese in college, he studied freaking German, I should be the one there!

…maybe he can pick up some doujin for me. Although this would require revealing how intense my power levels are… and that I love me some BL… and yuri… and I haven’t talked to him in three or four years… does he even remember me? Man, that’d be weird if he doesn’t… or would it be weirder if he does? I don’t know… can I ask him to look for a Shiki doujin that has buttsex? That’s a weird favor to ask, isn’t it? I mean, I’d be willing to ask fellow aninerdlosers I know in the blogosphere, but I already know they’re just as out there as I am! Who knows with this guy?

Well, he probably wouldn’t recognize any of the series anyway! This is why I should get to go, not him!

*sulks* Fine, I’ll just watch some more Kashimashi… and he wouldn’t know what that is, either! Uguuuuuuuuuuuu

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