Tantei Opera Milky Holmes Dai-ni-Maku at a Glance


Or, Milky Holmes II.

Ah, Milky Holmes II. One of only two shows I had any interest in prior to the beginning of the Winter 2012 season. The first season was shockingly enjoyable; evidence had suggested that it was going to be some stupid moe dreck, yet it turned out to be a send-up of the genre in which moe traits considered as “positive” were taken to their logical extreme, resulting in only bad things.

It was also really fucking bizarre. And this season has managed to make it even stranger.

The season opens with the Milky Holmes crew even dumber than they were in the previous iteration, merrily sleeping all day and spending their waking hours solely in pursuit of food. They also fall into a pond with enough frequency that they carry shampoo, soap, and conditioner with them at all times. Also, they’ve acquired another pet in addition to their ugly cat, although it ends up getting lit on fire at the end of the episode, so who knows what’ll happen there.

I’m pretty happy with this episode, as it indicates that season two will be more of the same. There’d been some rumbling that this was going to be a new adaptation of the video games, as opposed to a sequel of the first season, so it was great to see that they didn’t do that. Moe shows starring four girls are a dime a dozen, and generally about as thrilling as a dead water buffalo; we hardly need another added to the pile.

The budget seems a touch higher this time around, just based on animation quality, but this still isn’t going to win any awards on that front. Which, really, is fine – I’d rather have a poorly animated yet enjoyable show than something shiny and shitty (heya, Guilty Crown!). The OP is better than last time, still not great, though. The real drop is for the ED, which was actually a fairly catchy song last time, although the lack of fanservice of the Milky Holmes girls in school swimsuits is a welcome one, as it always felt weird and out of place in a show that was mocking the moe craze. Sure, there’s a bit of Arsene being naked and underclothed, but she’s never actually behaved like a high-schooler or looked like one┬áto begin with, so it doesn’t leave a weird feeling in me.

Oh, and, in case you were wondering, ‘Dai-ni-Maku’ means ‘second curtain’, which as far as names for sequels go isn’t bad, although Milky Holmes II will be my default.

So! Looking forward to this new season of Milky Holmes! At least I know I’ll have one show from the winter that I finish!

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