Natsuiro Kiseki at a Glance

I still don’t know what the show I watched that day was about.

No, really – I have no fucking idea what this show is about. There are four girls faffing about, one of whom is being a drama queen the whole time, and there’s some arguing and angsting and uh a magical rock? Or maybe its only sometimes magical? Because apparently it doesn’t always work… unless this show is going to be *shudder* an idol show.

I hate idol shows. In fact, my hate is such that I don’t like manga about idols, I don’t like books about idols, I don’t like live-action movies about idols, I don’t like video games about idols, I don’t like live-action TV shows about idols… and, given the chance, I’d probably hate radio shows about idols. This, by the way, also encompasses pop star stories. So, yes, I hated Hannah Montana, that obnoxious Lizze Maguire movie, Insta Star (does anyone even remember that???), Romeo! (wait, that had an aspiring rap star at the center of it? well, fuck it, I hated it, too!), that reality show about making that boy band in the early 2000’s that ran on MTV… its actually easier to say what music industry-centric piece of media I did loathe. And that is Octave, Metalocalypse, This is Spinal Tap, that one documentary about the Magnetic Fields, and Detroit Metal City. Hmm. I smell a trend.

So, if this is an idol show, I will scour any recollection of even this first, non-idol-involving episode from my mind.

That aside, I kept expecting a mech to pop up during the first episode, particulatly when stuff started glowing. Its a Sunrise show! It’d make sense, especially with the vague as hell promo summary that was released. It could still absolutely happen, and I would welcome it, since it would hopefully mean no idol shit (for anyone about to say “WHAT ABOUT IDOLM@STER XENOGLOSSIA?”, do recall that the idol junk in that show was entirely peripheral and primarily about the childhood friend, not the main cast… which isn’t to say it was a terribly good show, although I did think it was periodically entertaining, and, well, now I can say I know what the most disturbing anime romance is).

Uh. Yeah. I don’t really have anything else to say; as I previously stated, I don’t know what this show is even about at this point. I suppose the best I can say is that, at the very least, I hope it doesn’t end up being as excruciating as Sacred Seven was. Talk about a joyless, soulless show.

EDIT: OH HOLY HELL looking at the title again, I got sudden, traumatic flashbacks to Nanatsuiro Drops. I will officially be sleepless tonight…

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