Medaka Box at a Glance

Box in a box.

Hmm. Medaka Box. I had no intent to actually check this out at all, and, yet, on a slow day for new shows, I found myself watching it nevertheless. While last time this happened, I ended up watching the first episode of Fate/Zero and being extremely surprised this time its, well, Medaka Box. Ahem. Yeah. I was mildly surprised, but only insofar as I basically expected it to be total shit, and it was, while not terribly inspiring, a bit above total shit.

I think I would compare this first episode with the first episode of Majikoi, that show about high school students who are training as fighters and had a mass battle in said first episode. I had expected complete and utter shit, and yet the first episode was actually fairly enjoyable. I knew the wheels were going to fly straight off the bus in the next episode or two, yet I was still a bit surprised to find anything of worth in the show at all. This is basically how I’m feeling about Medaka Box right now, although I don’t think the cracks are quite as obvious in this first go-round as they were in Majikoi’s. In fact, I think I’m going to even watch the second episode of Medaka Box.

I think Medaka Box will work best as a show watched when one is trying to kill time. It isn’t totally dull, but it isn’t hilarious, either. The entire thing is powered off of Medaka herself, who reminded me pretty strongly of Ran from Super GALS. The male sidekick is fairly snooze-worthy, all in a fuss over the fact that Medaka is energetic and over-the-top. The blue-haired girl with a Squirtle-tail ahoge is vaguely amusing in very short bursts, but in longer scenes involving her gets tiresome quickly. Everyone else seems to be one-shot characters; Medaka solved their problems, so that’s probably it for them.

Ultimately, I just do not understand how this is supposed to run for fifty-something episodes. Of course, these days I have trouble wrapping my head around orders of episodes for shows in excess of twenty-six episodes, period. Yeah, I know, Medaka Box is a Shounen Jump title, but you honestly wouldn’t be able to tell from this – there’s no teenage male rolling around who has a mystical maguffin drop into his life making him a shinigami/ninja/whatever the fuck they’re doing these days who has to fight teh evulz or something. It just doesn’t feel what I’m accustomed to from those franchises. Nor is it a Gundam show, nor a children’s show. So it seems rather strange for it to get so many episodes, and, as I said, it just doesn’t feel like there could possibly be enough material for this to not become a total drag.

Oh well. As I said, I will watch the next episode, although, ok, part of this it seems is that I latched onto the above screenshot with the blushing non-named girl as a feeble hope for some scent of yuri about the proceedings. I know, I know; rather stupid. But, hey, a lady needs her yuri, y’know? Even if the chances of it look terribly remote.

OP is awful, ED is… I already forgot it. Animation wasn’t really noticetable in quality one way or the other. Its Gainax, but you would never know from just glancing at it, with the expection of some closer-ups of Medaka’s boobs. Speaking of which, technically there is a bunch of fanservice since, uh, Medaka’s boobs, but its executed so lazily that I hardly noticed it.

So, yeah, Medaka Box. Not wholly horrible, not especially noteworthy. Not quite a ringing endorsement, huh?

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2 Responses to Medaka Box at a Glance

  1. the_patches says:

    The manga takes a big left turn after a bit and turns more traditionally shounen-y. I think Nisio Isin writes this on his days off to that he can save all his dialogue for other work. The early bits of the manga rely heavily on fourth-wall breaking silliness that adds levity before the whole thing becomes very battle-manga. I imagine that’s where the extra episodes come from.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Hmm… not a big fan of battle-centered stuff, simply because a lot of it just ends up going the tournament route, and that’s dull as fuck. In fact, only tournmanent show I’ve enjoyed in the past… hmm… seven years or so was G Gundam, and that was helped by a heaping serving of cheese.

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