Free Stuff

That’s right, exactly what it says on the tin.

Well, folks, its that time of the year again.

…well, ok, not really, I’ve never given stuff away before via my blog, and I don’t really have a designated time of the year in which I do pruning of my possessions. But prune my possessions I am doing, and this time around, I’ve decided to offer up some of them to you, denizens of the internet, readers of my blog. Lucky you! Usually, I just donate them to Goodwill… and I still will be doing so with gently used clothing, but for DVDs and books, I figured I’d give you lot the first whack.

Before I go any further, though, I’ll say this up-front: this is oonly open to Americans. Sorry, but its too expensive to mail stuff abroad for free. If you do have a burning desire for something I have and live in a foreign country, I may be willing to send it if you are willing to pay for the shipping, but you will have to email to ask about that.

Now, you may’ve noticed that I said ‘books’, and not ‘manga’. Well, my sweet darlings, the reasoning behind that is rather simple: most of it is manga, but I’ve thrown in a few regular people books as well. Shocking! I am well-aware. But I also am well-aware that some of you little oddlings have interests that actually, shockingly, scandalously, go beyond anime and manga. So I included a few of those as well.

I will be operating using the same system for claims as Executive Otaku (I could link to him… but, uguu, effort), which is to say: email me to claim. If you put it in the comments… too bad. The proper email to use is: edwardsaidismyhomie [at] gmail dot com. I used to have, but, fuck, them bitches deleted that one. Jerks. In the subject line, put ‘Free Stuff’. If you are opposed to that for moral reasons, like hating cominazis like all good Real Americans do, you may put ‘Do Want’ there instead.

Alrighty, bitches, books first:

  • Full Moon wo Sagashita, vol. 1
  • Entangled Circumstances
  • Tokyo Babylon, vol. 2
  • Kobato, vol. 1
  • Simple Truths: The Real Story of the Oklahoma City Bombing Investigation
  • Picture Letters From the Commander-in-Chief
  • Socrates in Love (light novel)
  • Indian Summer (John Knowles)

And DVDs:

  • Samurai Horror Tales, vol. 3 (a.k.a. the Bakeneko Arc)
  • Knight Hunter (a.k.a. Weiss Kreuz), vol. 1
  • Knight Hunters, vol. 2
  • Kissing Jessica Stein
  • Mirage of Blaze: Rebels of the River’s Edge
  • bootleg copy of the second Pokemon movie

I make no promises as to when I will send these exactly, although it probably won’t be for a few weeks due to my work schedule between now and Memorial Day.

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