Fate Zero Episode Nineteen

Is this shit done yet?

Seriously, enough of this Kiritsugu crapola. No one cares. Legit. We get it, you’re gonna force us to consider Kiritsugu as our main character, desite having spent oodles of time developing other characters who a. aren’t named Kiritsugu, and b. are actually not total snorefests. I am willing to consider Kiritsugu the main character, as long as that means we don’t have to faff around watching Kiritsugu be all uguu and angst yet cold and manly in his youth. Blech.

That being said, I didn’t watch this week’s episode yet XD All I know is that Kiritsugu angsted out and Fate/Zero tore a page out of No. 6’s book. Luckily, both Lily and Katherine did, so they can fill you in on it. I will likely just pretend the episode never existed!

So, first off with Lily:

More flashbacks this week, with Kiritsugu being trained to follow in Natalia’s steps, to think like her, eventually becoming the man we know. Other than being a bit bored, I was amused that they used his usual seiyuu for the parts where he was in his mid-twenties, which put me off.

I enjoyed seeing Natalia, her neutral stance in the war between magi and the church, her efficiency and intelligence, and her lack of sentimentality. This last one leads to a quickly dismissed joke about her being Kiritsugu’s “father” – she may not have been very feminine, contrasting with the other mothers in the show (Irisviel, Tohsaka), but she was a woman indeed, who played a crucial role in Kiritsugu’s life.

An interesting parallel is how both Kiritsugu and Saber are self-sacrificing, but in different ways. Both would do anything save the largest number of innocent people, even if it meant their own deaths. However, Kiritsugu is also willing to make small sacrifices for the survival of many, whereas Saber would rather die than let even one of her knights to be sacrificed. The thought of her people dying is a source of suffering for her. While she was worried about being the ideal king, she may have led her knights astray. She was perhaps too distant, too high – out of reach. That she might have caused them to suffer is unimaginable to her. Meanwhile Kiritsugu can rid his conscience of guilt, accepting a few deaths if it means the world has survived a crisis, and with a special concern for his own life. This justifies the means to reach a satisfying end, with another day to fight another battle. Both are heroes, but at the same time, imperfect. One is on the front lines while the other is on the sidelines with a sniper. And one is much nobler than the other. Does that make Kiritsugu wrong? Does this mean he has lower morals? Or is it forgiven if he reaches good results? Is he worthy of the Grail or not?

Regardless, only the strong ones can win the war, and these two episodes proved that strength is something he certainly has.

And Katherine’s portion, which is apparently an example of BUI – Blogging Under the Influence:

Screw Microsoft Word. I wrote this post, then Word “Force Quit,” then I reopened the file, and I thought I’d saved but I guess I didn’t since this document came up blank even though my other documents were retrieved. And then I went to a local brewery for a tour and free beer event with my classmates and I’m typing this thing drunk. (FOUR BEERS, BABY!) Beer usually sucks, but that’s because people buy shit for college parties.

Anyway, damn it for this episode being another Kiritsugu flashback.

The part with Natalia’s office pleasantly reminded me of Touko’s office in Kara no Kyoukai. If Natalia and Touko teamed up that would be hot, but not as much as Saber. The part where Kiritsugu shot Natalia to her fiery doom was different from what I expected since Kiritsugu and Natalia were saying goodbye without saying goodbye before Kiritsugu shot the plane and Natalia smiled before being burnt to a crisp. Why did she smile? Maybe since she knows Kiritsugu can still shoot despite his feelings, so he’ll survive as a mage hunter better; maybe since she knows he stuck to his ideals even though she thinks his ideals are naïve; maybe since he took the moral responsibility of landing a plane full of zombies and zombie-making bees in a city off her shoulders. That scene was sad, though. I guess Kiritsugu sacrificing Natalia for the greater good is meant to parallel his later sacrifice of Irisviel, even though Irisviel was screwed the moment the Einzberns made her for the Holy Grail regardless of Kiritsugu’s actions. I’m not sure which mage family’s the shittiest. And I’m probably a horrible human being, since I’d be willing to let a city full of random people get zombified to save one person who meant that much to me. Sorry, humanity.

But yeah, here’s looking forward to next week. No more flashbacks! (I think.) And for laughs, here’s some dumb heterosexist poll on which Fate/Zero men the women watching F/Z most want to bang, and which F/Z women the men watching F/Z most want to bang: http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2012/05/12-1/poll-japanese-fans-name-fatezero-characters-they-want-to-date I loled at Kiritsugu winning—does he have that many fangirls? And then Kiriei in second place. lol And I find it…uh, interesting that the dumbass commenting on the poll was more shocked about people voting for a married woman than people voting for the two kid characters. And you wonder why otaku have a creepy reputation in Japan, dude. No surprise that Saber won, followed by Irisviel.

While I, Day, may’ve not bothered to watch, I can tell you that, in no exact order, here are the Fate/Zero characters I’d bang: Saber, Lancer, Waver (moe), Gilgamesh (as long as I don’t have to talk to him afterward or ever see him again; I swear its all those sextastic scenes he has with Kirei), Beserker (ok, look, I know something you don’t, ok? like the fact that Beserker is actually really pretty), and, uh, think that’s it.

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  1. @fkeroge says:

    I really implore you guys to use more images in your posts. Your articles are good to read, but walls of text and super long paragraphs make it hard for me to keep focused on what you guys are writing.

    As for the post itself, I’ll just say I’m one of those people who really like Kiritsugu’s character, but felt that the last two episodes didn’t do his character justice. Anyway, it should be back to business as usual this coming Sunday.

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