Day’s Wonderful and Delightful Summer Anime 2012 Preview


I wish there was someone who would make me lunches that looked like Moyashimon’s microbes…

As has become my custom, my preview’ll only cover those shows I intend to watch. One can only kvetch about the shit so many times before it gets old.

So, the stuff I’m going to at least check out:

  • Moyashimon 2
  • Natsuyuki Rendezvous
  • Humanity Has Declined
  • Chouyaku Hyakunin Isshu: Uta Koi
  • Binbou-gami ga
  • Kokoro Connect
  • Mechanized Fairies
  • Tightrope
  • La Storia Della Arcana Famiglia

I’m really looking forward to Moyashimon 2; the first season was legitimately funny, and I also love that it isn’t about high schoolers. Ugh, high schoolers. The characters were all fairly likeable as well, with the sole exception of the germophobe, and there was a sense of depth to the proceedings which made me care beyond getting a few laughs out of the thing.

Natsuyuki Rendezvous actually piques my curiosity given the whole ghost angle included. This may simply be since I associate that trope with a one-shot Takako Shimura (Hourou Musuko, Aoi Hana) did once, but, either way, I’m curious.

Humanity Has Declined actually made me think of Elfen Bride, which, err, well, maybe isn’t the best of things. But I like the way the art looks, and it sounds as if it could be interesting, at the very least, or, maybe, different is the better way to put it, so I’ll give it a go.

Long Title: Uta Koi, well, josei, so, yeah, kind of like I’m obligated? I tried to watch Chihayafuru, but I don’t do tournament shows too well, so, yeah… However, I did like karuta, think its a pretty interesting game, so I’m looking forward to knowing a bit more about the poems that are used in it. I know that this is a pretty loose adaptation, but I think I’ll enjoy it anyway.

Binbou-gami ga looks weird enough to check out, but will probably bore me fast with being too shounen.

I will likewise probably also not like Kokoro Connect for very long. I think I just got convinced to watch it because it looked depressing in the trailer. Otherwise, the whole body-swap thing would leave me cold; I just don’t like it as a trope at all. But, I love me some depressing shit, so, yeah, I’ll try it. My money is on it going much the way of AnoHana in that regard, though. Blech.

Mechanized Fairies looks cool! Yeah.

I’ve already heard the first episode of Tightrope was really dull, but I’m a BL fan, so I’ll watch it anyway. Yeah. I know. That’s pretty pathetic. Look, folks, we keep getting given crap like Togainu no Chi or Sekai-shitty, do you blame me for wanting to try something else in the fleeting hope of something more beautiful?

…yes, I just referenced Mahoromatic in talking about BL. Which is somewhat relevant if I’m not remembering things incorrectly.

I added in Arcana at the last moment because I actually read the summary fully, and it looks a lot more interesting than I’d assumed since it had seemed paint-by-the-numbers reverse harem when I saw some of the original promo art. A reverse harem heroine who doesn’t just sit pat and let things get decided for her? Sounds good to me. I’m pretty sure that it’ll last all of two seconds before blushing and shyness, but I’m going to give it the benefit of the doubt and at least watch a few episodes. Felicita looks pretty badass in a bunch of the art… the suit helps. Sigh. I love women in black suits.

Things I want to mention just so I can bitch:

  • Ebiten
  • Oda Nobunaga’s Ambition
  • Love, Election, & Chocolate
  • Otoboku: Futari no Elder

Ok, so I lied a little; I did want to bitch a tiny bit. I just need to share, y’know? Its a common human feeling! I know you don’t expect me to have those, though…

I cannot get over how hideous Ebiten looks. Usually, with boring-ass, lame-ass harem shows, I can at least look at the characters and think to myself, “Oh, those ones are cute. Oh, I like their outfits.” but with Ebiten I just can’t even do that. The uniforms look stupid, there are too many ribbons, the ribbons are too big, the girls only have two types of faces… ugly, ugly, ugly. I just do not understand this at all.

As for Oda Nobunaga’s Ambition… doesn’t the lead look like a gender-swapped Edward Elric? Seriously. Just look. See it? Now you cannot unsee it.

Love, Election, & Chocolate rivals Ebiten in the sheer ugliness of the uniforms. So. Fucking. Ugly! What the fuck! If you’re going to keep making lame harem shit, at least make the shit look good! What the fuck?!

I still can’t believe Otoboku got a sequel this many years later. I remember when that crap first aired. Ugh. That shit sucked hard. At least it looks like they’ve gotten slightly better folks working on this visually; the really dumb-looking winter uniforms look a bit more plausible than before, and it seems the worst of the fanservice visually has been toned down, so it all looks better than the TV series did. Doesn’t mean the show still isn’t going to be heinous. But, hey, maybe I’ll check it out… doesn’t smell like they’re going to pull fake yuri with a trap here, so, who knows? Maybe it could be half-decent? Oh, the melancholy of a yuri fan…

So, yeah, the Day season preview. Other than Moyashimon 2, I’m willing to bet I’ve dropped everything within two weeks… ’cause that’s how I roll.

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7 Responses to Day’s Wonderful and Delightful Summer Anime 2012 Preview

  1. alsozara says:

    Ooof, this season looks terrible. Let’s hope for some sleeper hits. Pretty sure you covered everything that has any chance of being good though.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Well, I’m really hoping that Arcana somehow is awesome, because the chance of a reverse harem heroine with a will of her own is too thrilling.

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  3. ghostlightning says:

    Aside from Let’s Brew, I’ve no idea what to watch.

  4. Caraniel says:

    First episode of Tight-Rope was boring paint by numbers BL – I have no idea why only the shitty dull BL gets animated.

    Will of course be watching the reverse harem show. Don’t think I could really stop myself given how it actually looks quite nice, has a fantastic voice cast & a slim chance of a female lead with a hint of backbone.

    But yeah, Moyashimon is the only thing I’m actually excited about really.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I’m annoyed, because I wasn’t going to watch Arcana until I found that out, and now I’m going to and I’ll probably just be disappointed >=(

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