PES: Peace Eco Smile at a Glance

Toyota: The Anime.

Alright, so nowadays the cool thing for car companies to do is to sponsor anime. Apparently! So, this is Toyota’s contribution to the admittedly limited genre, and the largest difference between it and After School Pleiades is that PES comes off as more overtly sponsored by a car company.

So, in PES, an alien crashes to Earth after he abandons ship to save a drunk woman from falling into a pond. He falls in love with her, and starts working at her family’s flower shop with her. Meanwhile, the woman’s younger brother totally saw the whole falling from the stars thing happen, and knows he’s an alien, which is great, since he’s some kind of alien otaku. Also, there is a Toyota.

There really isn’t a hell of a lot to say about PES. It certainly looks really nice, but its about as substantive as you would expect from a show wherein episodes have thus far topped out at 4:30 for runtime. I want to like it, but there’s nothing to grab onto, and I don’t anticipate there ever being anything to grab onto.

So, to watch or not to watch? Well, like I said, it looks pretty. And the episodes are very short. So as a diversion, it certainly wouldn’t hurt, but I think people expecting something more than that out of it are going to be disappointed. At most, maybe check out the first episode for some of the trippier animation, but if you need a story, skip whatever else ends up following.

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  1. PES is the first anime where I’ve seen widespread English-language astroturfing. Not that that really has any bearing on how good or bad it might be, it’s just interesting.

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