Arcana Famiglia Episode Three

Pedo alert

So in this episode we learn that one of our creeper members of the would be harem is actually a pedophile.

No, not really, but I couldn’t quite resist the urge to utilize that screencap. Here’s the one I would’ve used to start the post off if I wasn’t an asshat:

I just looooooove owls.

Now, where was I?

Ah, Arcana Famiglia episode three. We seemingly have yet another fluff-type episode here, as it is centered around this day called ‘Picollino’ in which the Arcana Famiglia entertain the local children. I was smirking my way through the explanation, because its another instance of our central mafia group’s nature being primped and made to look pretty. This isn’t to say that it isn’t pretty, because in-universe its apparently the nicest gang in the whole world and everyone loves it and it does no wrong, but that is itself what is so hilarious, as that depiction itself just beautifies the entire idea of organized gangs. Arcana Famiglia may be a good thing, but they are based off of something that is not, and as an audience its made very clear that these folks are based off of the mafia (since we’ve got the pseudo-Italian setting) or the yakuza (because its anime, duh).

I’m actually okay with this, because its really stupid and entertaining, and that’s why I like the show – because it is stupid and entertaining.

With the lack of tension in this episode, and the ignorance of what was allegedly going to be our main storyline (the Duello), I think its safe to say that Arcana Famigilia is going to be one of those shows wherein we get confirmation about halfway through that there’ll be a second season. Sure, its possible that the pacing is just that awful, not that a second season is pending, but I feel pretty safe in my prediction – see: Hiiro no Kakera. (By the way, Prince-sama’s allegedly getting a second season.)

This episode is the first wherein we get to dodge any awkward, clunky explanations of people’s Arcana powers, which was a welcome change. We’re also given some reason to think that Debito (eye-patch guy) isn’t a complete creep, which is also a welcome change, although in this case only because his voice is kind of sexy. They utilize the age old method of making him care about children to drop his creep factor, which is lame, but its still preferable to hearing him refer to Felicita as if she were an object.

I was going to remark upon Felicita next, but it reminded me of the weird sequence toward the beginning of the episode which felt more like it’d been yanked from a bishoujo-type harem show. Liberta accidentally grabs Felicita’s boobs, and then when she kicks him, he accidentally sees her panties, and almost gets stabbed when he comments on their color. It felt totally out of place, and I didn’t like it at all; felt like it was a reduction of Felicita’s character, as it was standard tsundere behavior, and I’d like to think that she’s been slightly better-developed than that thus far.

And, compared to other reverse harem leads, Felicita has been better-developed to date, granted in large part by avoiding the pitfalls most of her ilk have hit by now. Debito is mildly creepy to her, and Pace is the one who gets wholly bent out of shape, while she just rolls with it. She seems to “get” Debito, which makes sense given her presence within the group, and I’m happy for it, as its truly tiresome to watch female leads blush and get flustered constantly. Felicita has a decent head on her shoulders.

Speaking of harems, though, Arcana Famiglia still hasn’t demonstrated much in the way of romance, or hints of romantic interests, and that continues in this episode. I think, too, that it’ll end up developing as a love triangle, with Felicita, Liberta, and Nova, and not as a truly full-blown harem situation. Pace’s status as butt-monkey is further cemented here when he gets smashed by a ball that one of the others kicks, and there’s more about Luca being food-focused. Debito does make the aforementioned pass at Felicita, but it rolls off of her completely. Granted, she hasn’t displayed any interest in Liberta or Nova, either, but, OP and ED say triangle with them, and OPs and EDs are pretty much truth, always.

Although I would prefer to have had more interaction with Felicita, Liberta, and Nova, I did still enjoy the episode. We got a brief flash of Liberta’s past, and I can see it becoming very hilarious in the future (unintentionally so), so that’s something to look forward to. There’s also some stuff about Nova not really having a childhood, as he and Mama have a conversation (during which I was snickering and thinking “ship ship ship”) about it, and that seems like it’ll be similarly overwrought and entertaining. It was still a fluff-type episode, ultimately, but with those items tossed in there, we could make the claim that it was “worthwhile” in some objective sense, even if I don’t really care if it was or was not.

But you know what this show needs more of? Owls. Lots and lots of owls. If we do get a second season, it should probably just be thirteen episodes of owl scenes. Or maybe the entire cast can turn into owls. It’d be a best-seller; I’d buy 1300 copies, and then me and the Shiki owl’d watch it with all Shiki owl’s non-undead friends. Awesome.

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10 Responses to Arcana Famiglia Episode Three

  1. Mara says:

    The owl is one of the best things in the game. Not only does it help Felicita in all the routes but you can even name it and choose its voice! Also it is adorable and gives Felicita the excuse to wear that big white glove.

    Whenever anime-Felicita gets involved in a needless embarrassment scenes the real Felicita makes this face:

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Yeah, the boob-grab scene was soooo un-necessary and stupid. Lame as hell.

      I realllllly wanna play the game itself!

      • Mara says:

        I got the game imported to the UK quite easily through the amazon market place, and all things considered it was not too expensive for a Japanese game.

        Felicita seems to be having all her cool scenes removed. In EP two where Nova was forced to sing the anthem Felicita was supposed to turn up and embarrass him:

  2. Caraniel says:

    Agreed on the need for more owls – best thing!

    I’m still not entirely sold on this show, I’d kind of like either more action or more shipping – these tepid good deeds episodes are bit dull. Felicita is definitely more likeable than most harem leads though.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I’m surprised with myself, but I’m not bored with these past two episodes. Couldn’t explain why, though.

  3. Taka says:

    Ah yay, I wasn’t the only one who was thinking Mama and Nova were preparing to batten down the hatches and set sail. Though I think Mama is just rather sexy like that.

    If the show does turn out how you say it will (2nd season announce halfway through) I might just drop or put this one on hold until the 2nd season comes out, cause at the moment I’m a little starved for plot. This worked out for me great during Kuroshitsuji as I threw in the towel halfway through season 1 but watched (and loved) the entirety of season 2.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I like that – “batten down the hatches and set sail.”

      I watched (most) of the first twenty four episode of Kuroshit, stopped watching because I was sick of it, and then watched the final two… and it actually ended pretty well! Of course, this just made me even more annoyed because what came before it was so uneven, but they ended it with aplomb… even though they made Queen Victoria a loli. As for the second season, I hated that it shat on the first season’s end, but I loved it whenever Alois was on-screen. He was so entertaining, much better than the dead-dull Ciel.

  4. jpmeyer says:

    The Nico Nico commenters totally thought that ara tits desu wa Mama was saying “nopan” every time she was saying “Nova”, making the oedipal jokes even better.

    Also, we assumed/feared that JC Staff wouldn’t be able to stop themselves from adding in random boobgrab and pantyshot jokes, since that’s their MO. Karin was probably the best example of them doing this in their adaptation.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Yeah, that’s why I skipped the Karin adaptation. Although, to be fair, Karin wasn’t exactly the most progressive thing ever to begin with, and the ending was absolutely horrible, the worst ending I’ve ever read in a manga. I still get pissed just thinking on it. It was such an awful, awful ending.

  5. I was looking for reasons to berate this show but my knee jerked, hit me in the face and told me “hey asshat this is actually entertaining go watch this shit dawg.”

    And by knee I meant you.

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