Arcana Famiglia Episode Four


I loooooooove owls. They’re so cute, especially when they are tearing the intestines out of field mice! I also love them because sometimes they are vampiric! I’m pretty sure Fukulota (what the fuck kind of name is that?) is my favorite character in the show.

This week was, honestly, fairly boring, which is odd, given that we theoretically got some actual “substance” in this episode, not just, y’know, “lets entertain the kids!” or “lets return the lost kitty!”. Thankfully, the appearance of an evil orphanage that did experiments on kids three-quarters of the way into the episode significaly improved things! That is exactly the kind of ridiculousness that I expect from Arcana Famiglia. Its only too bad the rest of the episode couldn’t have handled things as classily as that.

In this episode, we started off with what looked like another fluffy-type adventure, as Felicita and Liberta were given the task of giving a scarf to one of Mama’s friends. Meanwhile Mama made sexyface at Nova. But then Liberta had some clunky flashbacks that made him walk off a roof, as Felicita tried to grab him and ended up tumbling, too… three floors, onto a streetmarket vendor below… without being hurt. AND THEN THE MEMORIES. Well, that came later, but it was just as awkwardly-handled as if it had happened that way.

So, we find out that Liberta had a sad past, uguu. No surprises here. He was a child at aforementioned ~evul~ orphanage, and was rescued by fellow Arcana Famiglia member Dante, although he didn’t recall it. Dante gets overly angry with Liberta to provide some extra spicy drama, although at least the show calls him out on it in the omake when Mama and one of the other guys vote for him to be punished… which doesn’t quite make up for it, honestly, since there seemed very little trigger for his anger.

There’s still no real indication of romance in this episode. Liberta’s smitten with Felicita, but that’s about it – she shows no similar interest in him. I was happy that we didn’t get any shoehorned and idiotic accidental boob-grab moments, despite Felicita and Liberta ending up in each other’s arms after falling off the roof. The two also held hands (Liberta was leading the way across roofs) without acting like total morons.

I want to reiterate that I do like what seems to be a choice to focus on the three youngest cast members, in Felicita, Liberta, and Nova. I usually get irritated when a show opts to hone in on the teenagers, but I think the lack of high school setting helps here – we’re watching the youngest Arcana Famiglia members go about handling their jobs and helping each other out. I like it quite a bit.

That being said, this was just an underwhelming episode, which is a bit worrisome, as Arcana Famiglia seems inclined toward doing more of the drama thing going forward. I certainly am not expecting anything profound here, but I would like it if J.C. Staff could at least be semi-competent, or that they go full-pelt in the cheese direction. Hopefully they won’t flub the more serious material to come (assuming there is more serious material coming… which is a pretty safe assumption).

Last random bit, but I was taking notice of Felicita’s, Liberta’s, and Nova’s weapons in the OP this week. They’re displayed lying in a group in the final shot in the OP. We could criticize the fact that Felicita’s weapons are knives, and are much smaller than the MANLY swords of┬áLiberta and Nova. But given that one must get much closer in order to do damage with knives, it seems to me that Felicita might be a better fighter than Nova or Liberta…

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