Weekly Round-up, 7/29 – 8/4

Bumblebees, fairies, royal intrigue, and conjecture about the culprit and the motive of the Kanya Festival thief.

So, a new month is upon us, and I’ve officially hit the doldrums of the season, that mid-section wherein I begin to grow lazy and start to let my viewing schedule slips a bit. As such, I still haven’t gotten around to Tari Tari episode five, nor have I quite made it to picking NatsuVous up again. On the other hand, I have had plenty of time for older cheese and hentai!

As before, shows I am either actively blogging (Arcana Famiglia) or plan to review will not appear here. So, guess you’ll just have to wait for that Harukoi Otome review to get posted.

Hyouka Episode Fifteen

The A.B.C. Murders! As a Christie afficionado, I was downright thrilled to have one of her best mysteries brought into the mix this episode. The A.B.C. Murders are one of her Hercule Poirot mysteries; in this case, Poirot is seemingly challenged by a serial-killer who is working through the alphabet in choosing his victims by their names and the towns in which they are killed. Plot spoilers from the book to follow, so just skip to the next show listed if you have an interest in reading the book itself.

The fact is, though, that the serial killing spree is only meant as a distraction – the murderer wanted to do away with one of the victims in particular for his own betterment, but schemes to hide it in the cluster of murders. He also manages to set up a fall-guy, as well, so that he will escape suspicion, and yet enjoy the “fruits” of his efforts.

Given this, my curiosity was quite piqued when Hyouka introduced it into the plot. Such a thing would seem to imply that the same thing is at work here – a bunch of seemingly randomly chosen items are stolen in “alphabetical” order, but the true aim is only one of those items. AJtheFourth of Altair & Vega has herself hashed over the little case; I find her supposition to be plausible, although I lean toward my theory about a specific item being sought. I am also personally suspicious of Tani, the bowl-cut boy who has plagued Satoshi over the past few episodes. He keeps popping up, and Satoshi definitely has a hostile attitude toward him – inwardly, he seems irritated by his presence, while outwardly he is fairly impassive toward Tani, a marked contrast to how Satoshi typically is around others. It looks rather like the show is trying to set the two up as rivals of a sort, even if Satoshi clearly consider Tani to be unworthy of his time.

I suppose I should also point out that Kaho of the Fortune Telling Club is not the first person to report stolen items and mysterious notes; Tani is, as he tells Satoshi prior to the start of the game quiz that something odd has happened at the Go Club, and later informs him that some tiles have been taken and a note was left. It’d be easy for Tani to have done this himself to his own club.

Humanity is in Decline Episode Five

So, our first character with a “name” – Pion. Seems pretty obvious that she’s an android of some sort. The whole thing about the fairies and electro-magnetic waves made me think of the theories about the decline in honeybee populations in this country that has appeared to run in direct proportion to the grow of cell-phone usage and coverage. In a different show, I could see this actually building up to some hostilities, as Watashi realizes the importance of the fairies (they drink those weird creatures) and tries to fight the increase of electricity against a town wholly unconvinced. But, that isn’t this show.

Hanasakeru Seishounen Episodes 11 – 14

International intrigue! Executions! Oil! Treason! These episodes of Hanasakeru Seishounen dabble in politics, but thankfully the show never loses sight of its true purpose – to be fairly stupid and feature a lot of men. We are introduced to a rival family here in the form of the Rosenthals, who have a pretty strong hate-on for the Burnsworths and wish to use political unrest in Raginei to stage a financial comeback against the family who has come to dominate Raginei’s oil industry. It goes without saying that the young Rosenthal is in-universe attractive, male, and young enough to possibly be one of Kajika’s potential haremettes, although none of the characters have cottoned on to that one yet.

But, front and center are Raginei family lines. Kajika is the one first in line for the throne, although no one’ll ever find that one out, as she is a cousin of haremette Rumaty, born of Rumaty’s grandfather’s first son. Rumaty’s elder brother has accused him of treason while Rumaty was out of the country. And Rumaty’s own chamberlain seems to be the root of it all. But, meh, no one cares about the chamberlain. The one we actually care about is evil chamberlain’s younger brother (Sezun), who spends quite a bit of time making googly eyes at Noei, who tried to assassinate Rumaty at Rumaty’s bro’s behest a few episodes back. Hands are clasps and tears are shed, leaving one wondering why there was no kissing involved in an emotional departure scene between the two. Actually, after re-watching that scene a half-dozen times for screencapping purposes, I think there was at least a peck on the cheek involved, as we are shown a shot of Sezun and Noei’s feet while Noei is embracing Sezun, and Sezun goes up on his toes suddenly, accompanied by a small noise. I can only hope there are some reams of half-decent fanfiction floating around out there.

Additionally, for those of you keeping score at home, the third in line for the throne, Izmal, is quite clearly enamored of Eugene. A couple of other characters even remark that Eugene is his type! Izmal boots a woman out of her prized place next to him and blushes abundantly in Eugene’s presence. I don’t think there’s anything coy about the presentation on display at all.

Kajika continues to be headstrong, as has been her habit so far. Although some of her actions are foolish, she isn’t stupid so much as naive – she was raised on an island isolated from the world for fourteen years, after all! I’m still shipping her with Rumaty; I don’t care about the cousins matter. They are the same age, they have an equal relationship, and they get along well. Other would-be suitors so far are much older, and either have a bad personality (Eugene) or a pre-existing relationship with Kajika (Lee Leng) that renders potential romance creepy. I am particularly not thrilled with Lee Leng’s potential; as her attendant/guardian, the degree of control her exerts over Kajika’s day-to-day life just makes the idea of them becoming involved uncomfortable.

Phi-Brain Episodes 2-7

Well, guess I caved and decided to dip toes back into Phi-Brain. I watched the first episode when it first aired, and was bored stiff. After near-constant badgering by a transfixed bunch of anime bloggers, I decided to give Phi-Brain another go. Conclusion? Phi-Brain is the dumbest thing I have ever watched, which is saying something considering some of the idiotic shit I’ve seen over the years. Hell, this is the kind of thing that makes Sapphogear look intelligent, no mean feat for a show involving someone deciding to a build a new tower of Babel in order to blast the Moon out of the sky in order to end a multi-lennium old curse.

Is it entertaining? Yes, but only in a way where I can almost feel my brain withering away as the minutes tick past. Its really just a sanitized version of the first season of Yu-Gi-Oh (y’know, the one where people’s hands get lit on fire and Yugi’s alter-ego is obsessed with punishing evildoers through sadistic games of chance), since the puzzles can kill, although we know they never will. The downright deranged Gammon is reason enough to come back, though, with his over-the-top characterization and tendency to trill. I also am quite pleased with Nonoha, Kaitou’s childhood friend who carries him up a long flight of stairs after he passes out from sapping his energy via puzzle-solving powers and who also takes the time to split a block of stone with her bare hands to the delight of a crowd of kindergarteners. But its all just too stupid for me to be able to quite praise it outright. I am, sadly, hooked, though.

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6 Responses to Weekly Round-up, 7/29 – 8/4

  1. foshizzel says:

    Wooooooooooo! Phi-brain I am glad you decided to join in the fun Day oh yeah I agree this series is not the best series ever because there are a few episodes that are really boorrringggg! Especially episodes that focus on characters I don’t really care about like Cubic.

    Yes! Gammon is a fun character and I think he has the best themed episodes so far and of course Ana gram? He cracks me up even if he comes off as a complete airhead…

    Enjoy the rest of the season if you decide to continue xD

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Here’s a good question: does anyone give a shit about Cubic? I skipped most of episode fourteen, because I was all. “Bro, no one cares about you, Cubic.”

  2. ajthefourth says:

    Agh! I totally forgot about Tani mentioning the stolen items to Satoshi! Thanks for reminding me. ^ ^ Also, having the motive be an item as opposed to an idea (like club promotion) is far more along the lines of The A.B.C. Murders.

    Seemingly, we’ll all find out tomorrow…or in my case, Monday, since I have to do inventory tomorrow night until late. ^ ^

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Sigh, I should’ve watched it by now… but I got bogged down in Phi Brain and Hanasakeru Seishounen >_>

      Obviously, Tani’s the thief, and his aim was simply to get an item belonging to Satoshi from the Classics Club because he has a mad crush on Satoshi. DUH. But Satoshi’s involved with Tanabe, so tough shit for Tani.

  3. Caraniel says:

    Phi Brain & Hanasakeru – you really are enjoying the cheesy dumb shows at the moment!

    Glad you’ve given Phi Brain another whirl – that show is so, so stupid, but way too much for it’s own good!

    • A Day Without Me says:

      So, so, so, Hanasakeru Seishounen – NoeixSezun. Canon, or really fucking canon? Discuss.

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