Arcana Famiglia Episode Six

Our heroes

…are really stupid.

Actually, while their actions are stupid in this episode, I don’t think its necessarily true that Felicita, Liberta, and Nova are stupid; young and naive, yes, absolutely. But I wouldn’t class their actions in this episode so much as ‘stupid’ as they are ‘foolish’. Basically, it is the sort of behavior I would expect from typical sixteen year olds.

Of course, we could cry foul in that two of these teenagers are in charge of sections of their vigilante group, so, really, shouldn’t they know better? But them being in charge of their own sections is what I would call the stupid matter, not them deciding to go raid a pirate ship in the middle of the night by themselves. We saw that Felicita got her position through kicking ass, but is this really such a bright idea? After all, Liberta is fairly capable of ass-kicking, but would we consider it wise to put him in charge of a section? Hardly.

In this episode, our main three go to rescue Nova’s comatose dad after he is kidnapped by pirates. Of course, it all turns out to have been an exercise in toughening up our three leads, although they haven’t been told this directly (Jolly does let slip that he knows that both Nova and Liberta used their Arcana powers, though, which makes Felicita suspicious). So we finally learn what Nova and Liberta can do, and we also get to watch Felicita kick the crap out of some guys. Its fun enough.

Watching this episode, it dawned on me that Felicita and Nova are first cousins. This admittedly hasn’t stopped me from shipping before, but it does give one a bit of pause. Regardless, I would opt for Liberta if I had to pick between the two, although I personally prefer an OT3 in this case. Even though Nova can be a mopey-mope, I enjoy the interactions the three of them have, and I also like that the three youngest of the Arcana Famiglia are confederates of a sort.

Unfortunately, we had some more J.C. Staff idiocy in this episode. Or, at least, I’m assuming it was J.C. Staff idiocy, as in past weeks folks who’ve played the game have pointed out that dumb moments involving Liberta being accidentally “pervy” and Felicita blushing and physically attacking him as a result do not find their origin in the games. Felicita et. al. are discovered on the pirate ship because Liberta freaks out about Felicita’s chest resting on his back. Felicita freaks out and kicks him later during a fight with a mysterious masked man after he is thrown into her and lands face-first into her chest. Sigh. Shit like this is why I didn’t bother with the Karin anime, and why I was so nervous when I heard J.C. Staff got Aoi Hana (they didn’t pull this shit there, thank the fucking lord). Its stupid, and it makes the characters look really dumb.

Next week, we’ve got an episode in which Luca has a secret base. Uh oh, don’t tell ZONE.

…actually, that could be cool – a cover of Secret Base by the male cast here. I don’t think its been covered by men before, although there may’ve been one or two singing along in the rendition for Kyou no Go no ni.

Uh, where was I?

Oh, yes! Next week’s episode. Luca has a secret base, Debito and Pace fiddle around in the episode as well. But it does seem that the focus’ll be on Luca and Debito. Folks, we have our first Day-approved BL ship here: DebitoxLuca. YES. No, OT3’s BL portion doesn’t count, that’s different, that was the first OT3 ship I had in the show. Ok?

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2 Responses to Arcana Famiglia Episode Six

  1. Mara says:

    Ah. I have been moaning too much about the game. Shall try to cut back, sorry.

    Just on its own though this episode was truly horrible in lots of different departments. Lets not forget that the whole pirate thing was a ruse by Dante, and that makes him look really mean. ‘You have to realize how much you have left to learn’ is not an excuse for kidnapping someones farther. I know it is dull JC staff but people generally communicate with each other with the invention known as words to work out that crap.

    Everything just looked bad this episode as well and there was a very noticeable reuse of a shot of Nova’s face for a conversation long after he is no longer being held by his collar.

    I really am just watching this because I am a fan of the whole A.F. brand now. I cannot recommend this anime if it cannot get entertaining in six episodes.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Naw, it wasn’t just you – I had a couple of other commenters point it out, too, as well as a few folks on the twitter.

      As for it making Dante look mean, I just thought it made everyone look stupid and silly.

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