Week in Review, 8/12 – 8/18

Too thrilling bros.

Ok, so, it was Shark Week.

…ok, actually, that has nothing to do with the fact that I watched measly four episodes of anime this week. And most of it was Digimon Frontier. I was just really, terribly, superbly busy. Also, I just painted my toenails instead of catching up on Humanity is in Decline. YOLO, as the kids say these days (or so I’ve been told).

I can’t really comment on humanity being in decline, but I can certainly tell you that Digimon Frontier is. Well, although, that would imply that it had something to decline from, which it really hasn’t. There was a glimmer of underage twincest potential (me <3s), but its receded again somewhat, and I resent that. The other children (who may as well be identified as The Girl, The Fat One, and The Kid for all the screentime they’ve been getting) are receding further into the footlights, and spoilers have confirmed my misgivings about them, i.e. that they won’t really matter in the end. Its sort of killed my interest in bothering with the remainder of the show. Sure, sure, I’ve watched 35 episodes of it already… but you’re reading a post by someone who dropped Umineko at episode twenty four and never looked back. YOLO!

But I’ll still probably finish it, as at least I’ve retained it in its entirety upon my hard-drive in order that my BakaBT ratio isn’t totally terrible. I’m saddened that more people were interested in snagging this from me than G Gundam. What a wretched world in which we live…

I did a post on Hyouka last Monday, so, w00t, don’t need to talk about that. I have to double-watch Arcana Famiglia to-morrow, since I just didn’t have time earlier in the week to watch the last episode. Sorry, bros, to all four and a half of you who actually read those posts.

My only other encounter with animu/manga this week was in re-reading Kitchen Princess… done while I was sick as all hell the other night with apparent food poisoning. Bros, cooking manga are the PERFECT thing to read when you’re sick to your stomach! I bring it up because I was struck once again with how surprising it is to read a shoujo manga in which dangerous dieting is addressed, and crash diets are depicted as being very unsafe. Granted, obsessions with dieting don’t seem as common in shoujo of more recent vintage than it used to be, but you’re much more likely to run into something wherein dieting is portrayed as an absolute positive (with no concern about health) than you are to run into the reverse… and if I had a nickel for every manga or anime wherein a guy tells a female character that she’s fat or is going to get fat, I would probably have hired a ghost-writer for this damn blog by now. And have licensed the Shiki novels.

So, basically, good on you, Kitchen Princess! Even if in a lot of other ways you just aren’t that great…

By the way, speaking of dieting, there’s something I hope we don’t see as much in Sailor Moon 2013. To me, the dieting stuff of the early manga and the first couple of seasons of the original anime is what dates the stuff like crazy. Its so aggressively portrayed and so frequently is it a matter of concern in it that it feels positively prehistoric, perhaps in part since the series overall displays fairly progressive ideas about women and power.

Ok, I have nothing else to add… except this week’ll be a lot of reviews, and the Week in Review next weekend may be delayed. Also! Did you notice the name change? LE GASP. I got nostalgic for the Week in Review in the NYTimes, back before they made it shitty and changed the name. Shitty? Yes, shitty – anything featuring breathless articles about how the young’uns these days are describing themselves as heteroflexible (this article in 2011, no less!) is shitty. Bros, I’m coining a new term. Its called homoflexible. Its for my dear friend in Michigan. You know who you are.

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2 Responses to Week in Review, 8/12 – 8/18

  1. ajthefourth says:

    Oh my gosh, that one dieting episode with Jadeite is…pretty awful. I had totally forgotten about that until you brought it up…

  2. jpmeyer says:

    Bee Tee Dubs, you can “cheat” with Baka BT:

    1) Download stuff without logging in
    2) When you finish downloading, remove the torrent from your BT client
    3) Log back in
    4) Click on the download link again to start seeding

    This won’t work though with any new torrents which are only accessible to members for the first 48 hours or so. You’ll need to take the hit to your seed ratio to get those.

    You can also use this to help your seed ratio by anonymously downloading high-demand torrents (that you don’t actually care about watching) so that when you go to seed them there will actually be like, people trying to take advantage of your generosity.

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