Week in Review, 8/26 – 9/1

Dat cactus

Sorry, folks, but Arcana Famgilia’s blogging is probably going to be a bit delayed this week as well; I’m still missing last week’s episode, and so this’ll be the fourth in a row where I’m not as snappy as I’d like to be on getting those done. Unfortunately, something fairly serious has popped up, so it’ll just have to wait – this is also why there are no pictures for the shows in this post, either.

Hyouka 18-19

Hyouka’s easing toward the end, what with the Kanya Fest arc over, and it shows, as we are treated to two one-shot-type episodes. Honestly, on the face of them, they shouldn’t be that interesting – who cares why Houtarou thinks a former teacher loves helicopters and no one else does? And who cares about speculation on a “mystery” that won’t ever have an actual solution?

Yet, it works. Houtarou acting of his own interest to puzzle out why his former teacher claimed to love helicopters yet didn’t actually apparently love helicopters is certainly of note, although the show is hardly subtle about that. I was surprised to watch Houtarou and Chitanda have to go through such a hassle just to get some newspaper articles; aren’t these things archived digitally? But I guess this is as such since the original books took place in roughly 2002, and digitally archived newspapers weren’t so common back then (hell, in 2003 I recall having to use microfiche to look up newspaper articles from previous years, and all the newspapers from that year were simply shelved in their physical form in a separate room).

The other episode is Chitanda basically trying to convince Houtarou that he has a talent, with Houtarou trying to convince her that solving mysteries isn’t a talent but relies primarily on luck. There’s not so much to be had here, honestly – they try to figure out why a student or students are being called suddenly to the vice-principal’s office after-school. I was amused since Houtarou figured they’d stolen something from a store (“students who shopped at such-and-such on October 31st…”), whereas my first thought was, “They were exposed to a dangerous disease and need to be quarantined!”. Anyway, Houtarou and Chitanda have some cute, blushy moments, managing to steer clear of overdoing the cutesy crap.

Digimon Frontier 35-36

Saying that these episodes are dire is, quite frankly, being charitable. A lot of what is from with this iteration of the franchise is dialed up here – most of the kids are useless, there is very little that is formulaic, and its all a lot of stalling for time in order to stretch the storyline out to fifty episodes.

The first season of Digimon had a lot of predictable episodes that existed solely for the various kids to each overcome some inner issue they had and thus enable their Digimon partner to evolve. They were boring, but at least they served a purpose. Secondarily, Digimon’s first season also had only two of the eight kids able to reach the highest level of evolution for their Digimon. But, even though their Digimon were the most powerful, that didn’t mean that the other kids and their ‘mons were shunted to the side. So what do we think Frontier does?

About two-thirds of the episodes of Frontier I’ve watched so far have been barely distinguishable from the episodes that surround them, and these two episodes are no different. Also, while all the kids of Adventure were relevant, only the signatue goggle-boy and the signature angsty-guy have mattered for a while here. The appearance of angsty-guy’s even angstier twin brother gave some promise for some good old fashioned angst angst angst, but twin bro’s whole whatever has been largely dropped. Basically, a wand was waved, and it was allll better, or at least enough so that the show could stare at goggle-boy and Kouji instead, neither of whom are interesting at all on their own.

I dread watching the rest of this. I will watch it, because I want to be able to say I watched the entire thing before moving on to the more recent Digimon series, but I won’t enjoy it, and I’m expecting a lot of me skipping big chunks of episodes to minimize the torturousness of the experience.

Itoshi no Kotodama Episode 1

I, uh, don’t actually remember a lot of this, despite only watching it four days ago. I do know that the main girl had a split-personality, and there was an animal spirit somehow involved… so, kind of like Sex Pistols, except no male pregnancy (thank fucking hell). This is also one of those hentai where there is sex within the first minute or so of the show. But since the girl has a split-personality, she doesn’t remember it afterward! I can’t decide how I feel about it, but its kind of weird at the very least.

Anyway, the second episode looks like it has ghost-sex. Or, uh, human-ghost sex. Yippee.

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