Arcana Famiglia Episode Ten

The owl lies in wait…

Oh noes, Felicita has amnesia! I just want to say, Felicita’s case of amnesia, like the entire Arcana powers scheme, doesn’t make much sense. Felicita spends much of the episode acting like a doll – apparently in addition to losing her memory, she’s lost her soul, it would seem. Liberta and Nova try to fix it on their own, but it doesn’t work.

At some point, Nova conjectures that Liberta must be related to both he and Felicita because he apparently has had his Arcana powers since birth. Nova states that Felicita was born with contracts in place, and that he was, too – his mother tried to contract with The Death when she was pregnant, but the contract just passed to him instead. So maybe Liberta is related! Because, y’know, the only thing this anime is missing is more potential incest.

As expected, the whole amnesia issue is waved away, because Jolly can’t force people to recall memories with his power. He gets inside of Felicita’s head (yes, Jolly, exactly the person I’d want fiddling around inside of my mind), wanders around in darkness for a long while, then Mondo tries to help. But what really saves the day is OT3, when Liberta and Nova rush in with swords waving to cut Felicita’s inner self loose of a massive mountain of thorny vines. Felicita is naked, and because this is J.C. Staff, her boobs have suddenly doubled in size.

The big question in all of this is: why the fuck has Jolly not been kicked out of the household yet? Mondo forgives his actions (telling Felicita that The Wheel of Fortune can save Mondo, but not that it’ll steal away her memory) because they were in order to save him, but, really? This guy might be the reason your daughter is an emotionless, speechless doll for the rest of her life. You’re just going to let that one slide?

The others seem to forgive Jolly all his past ills simply because he helps Felicita get her memories back, which is pretty weird considering he was the one who caused their loss in the first place. Also, does saving Felicita really give reason to forgive someone for torturing you when you were a kid?

At the very end of the episode, it turns out that Felicita didn’t use The Wheel of Fortune to its full capacity; Mondo is still in danger. A little chat with The Lovers indicates that Felicita cannot use The Lovers in full capability unless she has a man… well, it isn’t said directly as such, but when The Lovers tells her she can’t do love alone and she has to have someone else, its hardly mysterious as to the meaning. The Lovers also gives a reason why Felicita can use The Wheel of Fortune again – The Lovers will just take on that whole pesky memory loss issue itself, so she’ll be fine!

If it sounds like I hated this episode, that’s not it, although it was pretty dumb, and I am peeved about the whole “can’t use The Lovers until you have a lover” thing. I guess it isn’t strictly that the girrrrrlllllll can’t use her powers without X, Y, and Z, since Nova and Liberta don’t really like to use their powers either, and Nova rendered his parent’s comatose with his a while back, but, no, it still feels that way.

So is this show going to wrap up with Felicita finding her man and then being able to save her old man? Considering that I was promised a fighting tournament, fuck, wouldn’t that be obnoxious?

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2 Responses to Arcana Famiglia Episode Ten

  1. Caraniel says:

    I have to laugh at myself – my 1st reaction to Jolly mucking about with Felicita’s mind was “ooh he’s hot without his sunglasses” and then proceeded to ship him with Mondo. Sometimes I disappoint myself.

    Still haven’t really gotten into Arcana Famigila – probably for that very “where the fuck is my fighting tournament” reason.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Boo, I really don’t like Jolly! As for shipping, obviously LucaxDebito. You just have to pair the emotionally traumatized together!

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