K at a Glance


Alrighty, bros, so there’s this show this season, it is called K, and it may not be the anime that we need, but it is absolutely the anime that we deserve. It is the bestest thing I’ve seen this season so far. oKay?!

Did you see what I did there?! Didja, didja?!

So, prior to watching K, I was all, “*read description of characters, EYEROLL* UGH”, but, man, bros, was I so, so, so mistake because, fuck, is K so fucKing wonderful.

Look, there’s this guy, and he’s always getting people to share his lunches with him because he’s cheap or something. This is actually a pretty smart move on his part, as he takes a little bit from a lot of people. I should do this! It doesn’t cost anything, and you get a diverse lunch. Good move, kid!

Anyway, there’s also a bunch of people mumbling mumbo jumbo and fighting each other and massive dicks swords that hang in the sky as people fight each other and melt light fixtures with their psychic fire. And the guy I mentioned earlier, Yashiro, is having a bad case of mistaken identity, or maybe not. People are trying to kill him.

Basically, K has enough tropes to float the Titanic on, but takes itself, Very, Very Seriously. There’s a goth loli who hangs with a gang and has mysterious perceptive powers. There’s a naked girl who acts like a cat. There’s a girl trying to give a guy a bento. There’s a dark-haired bishounen who has a sword and seems to go by a bushido-type code. There’s a guy who is more than meets the eye. Etc., etc.

There is also tons of homoeroticism

And derpcat

Oh, fuck, derpcat

Please, please be derpcat more than naked girl, please. Don’t ever change, derpcat! Don’t ever change…

And then Yashiro touches tall, dark, and handsome’s sword


After this, bishounen cuts the button proclaiming year off of Yashiro’s uniform. Bros, lemme tell you about this old thing where Japanese girls would ask the boy they liked for a uniform off of his uniform…

So, yes, basically, if you ever had any notion that I was DEEP and SERIOUS and had good taste, I will be watching K because it had a derpy-looking cat and because the protagonist looks infatuated when saved by a sword-wielding young man.


Oh, yeah, and this guy got kidnapped from Durarara!!, in case you were wondering if this show was very original.


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28 Responses to K at a Glance

  1. Vincent says:

    It’s the bestest thing fans can ever hope to see. Seven is a magical number and there is nothing better than having a bunch of bishounen and bany bishounen kings fight each other for love/orgies. And omg, it has tons of CGI. It has to be a groundbreaking achievement that has never been done before, especially with gangs/mobs. Ghetto battles in 3D ftw.

  2. appropriant says:

    I’m just watching for the pretty pictures and dynamic camera angles. And because my friends react predictably to fujoshi bait.

  3. PlatinumHawke says:

    This show is about as good as you can expect from 7 hack light novelists trying to ape on Narita.

  4. r042 says:

    So male Rei, the blonde one from Ouran and Alto Saotome go on a magical adventure with a talking cat in a world that looks like the slow and languid cityscapes of Ghost in the Shell? Sold.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Think Guilty Crown, Samurai Champloo, Durarara!!, a dash of Weiß Kreuz, and about eighty other shows thrown into an oven, sprinkled with BL and kittens, and cooked at 400F for twenty-two minutes.

  5. shirofuji says:

    Is he really, really bad at tying a bow or is that just how they wear their neck ribbons in this show?

    • A Day Without Me says:

      That’s just how they wear neck ribbons in this show. If you think that’s bad, though, you should see how stupid the back of the skirts on the girls’ uniforms look.

      • shirofuji says:

        I totally actually watched the first episode, just because of your squeeing. If I happen to continue watching, though, you need to know that it’s all your fault. *finger wag*

  6. illegenes says:

    Your commentary alone has made me want to watch this show out of pure hilarity just as I’m doing with SAO


    • A Day Without Me says:

      Oh shit does this mean I’m gonna have to blog this? I am a fail at episodic blogging!

  7. jpmeyer says:

    This post gets a D- because you stopped capitalizing every K in it 😦

  8. I’M TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU XDDD I love the cat form, but I kinda like hate it when it becomes a girl that hate to wear clothes, although she is cute QuQ

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I would like the girl more if she wasn’t naked, heterochromatic, and cat-like, since that’s a pretty damn boring sort of character. But, well, as it is… derpcat FTW.

  9. s2012k1993 says:

    Of course, this show is DEEP! Unlike Tempest, which spouts lines from Shakespeare and has concrete problems its characters face to make itself seem deep, K grapples with concepts so abstract and deep that one can’t even grasp them even after a second viewing. Why do you think this episode is essentially two fight scenes sandwiched between a high school setting? Obviously, this show is going meta. (1) Who needs human sidekicks, whose only purpose is comic relief, when you have an awesome cat that complements the protagonist just as well? (2) Action with little to no dialogue is hip. We managed to survive on imagery and metaphors in Mawaru Penguindrum. How much of bigger deal is this? We have all we need to know from the blue tinted scenes and the flames sprouting from all over the place. The tiny high school setting section was simply placed to orient the casual anime viewer with some sense of familiarity. In all seriousness, I love to make fun of this show.

    • Elli says:

      You know, I wanted to watch this show for the sole purpose of making fun of it but so far it’s actually too unenjoyable to even do that. I’m also staying for the mild BL and derp cat for now.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I am amused by your mocking of the show, so, feel free to keep doing this, as I think I may’ve gotten stuck blogging this weekly, or at least until it isn’t entertaining anymore.

      Hey, and, at least K is sharp enough to not fling around Shakespeare willy-nilly like Tempest, which just has made itself look really silly in the process.

      • loveandsausages says:

        I’m glad you approve! I hope you have because I think you’re going to love the second episode. They added glorious, glorious fuel to the BL fire. I felt a terrifying fujoshi smile creep across my face and it stayed there the entire episode. The show has improved enough that I’ve upgraded its status from plain bad to hilariously bad. Shockingly, there were even some genuinely funny moments. Besides that, I got a few good laughs out of how sporadic the music was and the overall lack of explanation which is far more funny than captivating. I… I think I might watch the episode again. Pray for me.

  10. Elli says:

    Sorry, looks like she transforms back into naked girl in the next episode and saves him. I’m already disappointed.

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