Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! at a Glance

The imouto, in the dining room, with the sword.

Alright. So, Chuu2 aired a few days ago, and I watched it a slightly fewer few days ago, but I was too busy being all, “OG CMV K IS FUCKING AWESOME EKCHNKVSNFCHK” to get around to this. However, luckily for Chuu2, I’m not going to just skip over writing it up like I have with From the New World. So, here we are.

I had zero intentions of watching Chuu2, as it looked primarily like Haganai Part II to me, except that the people don’t have any friends because they have weird delusions as opposed to not having any friends because they are horrible people. Alternately, it was going to be Haganai Part II with the imouto of that as the main character. So I was feeling fairly put-off.

Yet, somehow I ended up watching it. I was already going to watch another show I had low hopes for that night and which I hadn’t planned to watch, so, well, why not?

Well, I was surprised – Chuu2 was a lot better than I expected, although the high female-to-male ratio for the characters does strike me as suspicious still. But where I was expecting Haganai, I got Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko in slight reverse – instead of rehabilitating the female lead for society, the likelihood here appears to be more that our male lead, Yuuta, will be saved from squashing himself down into something socially acceptable by the chunnibyou’d Rikka. I like this turn of events a lot more than the eventual delusion breaking that occurred in Denpa Onna.

Its also a nice break from all the girls taming boys (example: Monster-kun) and boys taming girls (example: Sakurasou no Pet no Kanojo) we’re getting this season, although it does carry a strong odor or Manic Pixie Dream Girl.

At the same time, I don’t know if this’ll hold my attention from week to week – the first episode was amusing, skewering the chuunibyou sufferers and the former sufferers alike, while slipping them a note that says, “Don’t worry; I love you.”  But this sort of material isn’t of much interest to me – I’m not crazy about teenagers, nor am I enthralled by romance. So yes, I do plan to watch a bit more, but the most honest answer for “Why?” is that I want to get to meet the girl with the pigtails shown swinging them in the OP, and that I want to see more of Yumeha being adorable. That’s it.

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3 Responses to Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai! at a Glance

  1. Vincent says:

    I don’t know if this will be able to hold my interest either, although I did enjoy the first episode. I don’t see how the premise will prevent itself from going stale, which is only one of the problems I have with this series.

    Are you going to consider giving Shinsekai Yori a chance, Day?

  2. otou-san says:

    the first episode was amusing, skewering the chuunibyou sufferers and the former sufferers alike, while slipping them a note that says, “Don’t worry; I love you.”

    For sure. And it was cute. I was surprised how charmed I was by the whole thing. I’m not sure it’ll last either, but it was one of the more memorable opening episodes in this ridiculously jam-packed fall.

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