Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne! at a Glance

Dat ass

Well. Um. Hmm.

Well, the imouto is cute. And I liked the school uniforms for the girls, which shouldn’t be so remarkable, except that the unis have been downright hideous in a lot of these shows lately (Koi to Choco, Ebiten, etc.). They actually look like they could be school uniforms!

And some of it was a tiny bit funny – the other would-be haremettes flatly telling imouto Akiko that, no, she can’t have her own brother made me smirk slightly, as did Akiko’s fruitless wait in the tub. Nothing, mind you, hilarious, but a couple of moments here and there.

The show even briefly smelled self-aware, as the first episode was pretty much Akiko looking like a moron and a weirdo as her brother ignored her attempts to get freaky with him. But the materialization of an entire harem all at once at the end kicked this one right into the stale corner.

Speaking of the sudden harem, the thing came off as a Seitokai no Ichizon rip-off with imouto shit tossed in and the cleverer bits of humor removed and the harem made real. The first SeiZon adaptation was actually pretty damn decent – the humor was fine to surprisingly clever, there was no idiotic fawning over of the lone male character, and when the tone became more serious, it didn’t feel like whiplash. But don’t mistake my feelings on that to how I feel about this – OniAi takes out the bits that I liked there and throws in crap that sucks.

At the end of the episode, it all felt so paint-by-the-numbers – look, here are girls, since they are girls, obviously they like our boy, and no, we won’t bother trying to even give the teeniest of justification for that. Look, this girl made dinner. Look, they’re fighting over him. Ho-hum. Oh, imouto wants his dick. Here’s a joke about onii-chan misunderstanding his imouto. Sigh. When’s the baseball game start? Are we done with this yet?

OniAi may be best put as imouto shit with the edge worn completely off. Yosuga no Sora may’ve been crap, but at least it embraced it fully. Here one could almost doze off before the episode was over. Anyone looking for a NakaImo replacement is probably going to be disappointed, even though that did supposedly dissolve into bogwater standard harem antics in the second half.

But, ummmm…. uhhhhh…. at least the imouto is cute. Although I think I like creampuffs better.

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