K Episode Two

A cat is fine, too.

So, K picks up this week right where it left off last, with Yashrio (but he’s called Shiro!) about to be skewered by Kuro (or as some call him… THE BLACK DOG). Luckily, Shiro’s quite the cunning little lad, and Kuro’s quite the moronic little lad, so a sob story about an imouto suffering from Maeda Syndrome manages to allow him to give Kuro the slip, although certainly not before Kuro gets some good ol’ fashioned man-handling in first. HnnnnNNNNGGGGHHHH, right ladies and gentlemen?

Too bad some gang named after a Madoka Magica character wants after Shiro, too! We’re back with that guy from Durarara!!, who is apparently post-anger management treatment by now, and the goth loli is using magical marbles and a map to track Shiro. Y’know, in my line of work, we have these things called GPS trackers… they might be a bit more reliable than a loli on a roof. But, hey, maybe she’s one of those Rozen Maidens or something .

Shounen Bat loses his shit again, and its old style samurai versus yankee punk. Guess who wins?!

Meanwhile, Derpcat turns into Derphuman. Derphuman doesn’t like clothes – they’re sooooo restrictive! Having your tits jiggle all over the place while you’re running is MUCH more comfortable! Shiro has a dick and is in an anime, so he freaks out.

Kuro, consumed by now by an undeniable thirst for Shiro’s body death, sneakily sneaks into his school… but walking in the front door and not looking suspicious at all while he tries to psychic his way through the front gate while lugging around a katana. Good thing that classmate who tried to give Shiro a bento last episode is there to completely circumvent the school’s attempts at keeping unauthorized personnel out! Kuri climbs a building to his desired one, and she doesn’t notice… but she does make sure to deliver his left-behind briefcase to Shiro’s room.

A chase ensues, with Derphuman leading the way, breasts flailing about, and Shiro chasing her, limbs flailing about. This all goes on all night, only ended when everyone is too hungry, and it turns out Kuro’s briefcase holds a full set of cooking knives and spices. See? I told you he wanted Shiro’s body.

Sadly, my internet connection is the pits at the moment, or I would’ve furnished all of your with pictures, such as the one of Shiro getting down on his knees to blow the hell out of Kuro beg Kuro for mercy, or of Derpcat in her preferable form making a similarly idiotic facial expression as Shiro was. Sadface, I know. Hopefully next week that’ll be back. I will also welcome the improved connection speed because it means I’ll get to see more of those awesomely explicit Pixiv fanarts of Shiro and Kuro. HNNNNNNNNNNGH x80

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