So There’s This Kick-Heart Thing…

Ch-check it out, bros.

Alright, bit late to the party on this one – and where have I been? How cruel, to abandon all my precious preciouses so suddenly! I had a bad reaction to a vaccination, and it engendered a sense of laziness in me as well, so although, sure, I could’ve posted during the week or so I spent bedridden, well, I simply didn’t feel so inclined. But, hey, given the amount of mucus still being expelled via my nose, I think one could forgive the sentiment.

Anyway, although I am late on this one, I do nevertheless wish to encourage folks to put even just a wee bit of money into the Kick-Heart project. Don’t know what it is? Well, first off, click here for more information about the project itself and to give money. But if you don’t feel like clicking, I’ll give you a brief run-down: Masaaki Yuasa, director of shows such as Kaiba and Tatami Galaxy, started a fundraiser to raise money for his animation project Kick-Heart, a short about a pro-wrestler and a nun who both have a secret, and whom I presume are going to be in love with one another. For those of you thinking One Pound Gospel, while the story is a tiny bit reminiscent, it doesn’t look like it’ll pan out that way at all. The short is currently scheduled to run ten minutes, although the fundraiser is about $1500 short of adding an additional two minutes to the runtime – and Spanish subtitles. What about English ones? Well, those have already been included in what’s been funded so far.

The fact is, I’m sure many of you aren’t thinking much of the story, particularly as the runtime is short. And, yes, the story isn’t terribly interesting on the face of it. But even though I myself don’t think it seems that interesting, I gave a little money, and I think you should, too, even if your level of interest in the material is similar. Because what we have here isn’t so much just an opportunity to see this project that wouldn’t happen otherwise take wing, but an opportunity to open up a new avenue of funding for anime, particularly ones that are more peculiar and experimental. A lot of sighing and such is spent on lamenting the state of the artform, folks concerned that everything is being carried away on a tide of moe; this happens since that is the sort of thing which sells. In creating alternative methods of funding, such as is being done here with Kickstarter, there is a chance born of the more pipe dream-type anime being able to see daylight.

I also want to note that Kickstarter has also been used successfully by Digital Manga Publishing in the U.S. In particular, this is how Unico got a release here, something which I think it goes without saying would not have otherwise. There may be enough of a market for the Nozomis of the world to release something like Rose of Versailles on DVD, but, let’s face it, Unico is niche even by the standards of a niche marketplace that is itself full of tiny niches. All of which I believe is to say, roughly, that while I don’t expect the traditional model of funding for anime and manga and their releases will go away, I do think that we’ve got another intriguing approach on our hands, and one which can only do us a good turn as fans.

Anyway, even though you’re saying, “But its already met is funding goal.”, go chuck some cash their way. Spanish subtitles are cool! No, no, really! I’ve always felt it unfortunate that there are so few releases in America of anime which have Spanish subtitles, considering how large a population we have of Spanish-speakers. And this one is a world-wide release; there are about a billion Spanish-speakers in the world. The more folks who can enjoy this, the better!

EDIT: By the way, if you’re prodding around Kickstarter for other intriguing things to open your wallet to, I highly recommend Donner Party: The Musical!.

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