Week in Review, 11/12 – 11/18

Awkward sexual fumblings of fourteen year olds!

Not much this week; been traveling and working, although at least I went full weeblife and watched AKB0048 in an airport. Weebfist!

AKB0048, episodes 6-7

I really like Orine; I really like her since she was presented to us as the most likely candidate for ultra-moeness, and she’s turned out to be a lot better than that. Her getting hate mail was obviously a play for our squishy feelings, but that she ends up entering battle as the demonstration that she’s been able to get over it is definitely a plus.

The premise continues to get more ludicrous, as earlier comments about how idols have specific souls are fleshed out more, although we aren’t quite at the level that Symphogear managed to reach in its runtime. The armed fans helping to fight off the robots as a troupe was sort of… well, on the one hand, it did seem to be a slight mocking of ultra-fans, as they utilized equipment emblazoned with pictures of the idols, but not enough for me to not feel mildly irritated by their presence. Admittedly, part of this is since civilians trying to help out in similar situations in real life generally just fucks things up worse and makes life more difficult for the professionals…

From the New World, 7+8

Ok, woohoo, done with the queerats arc, thank the fucking lord.

Now! Episode eight, and rampant homosexual behaviors – yes, behaviors, since there was definitely the vibe that this is “gay until graduation”-type stuff going on… and, oh, yeah, Saki is thinking about Shun most of the time, to include when she’s messing around with Maria. I was really uncomfortable with how much this played into the idea about homosexuality as being a sign of immaturity. I get that we’ve been told humans have essentially been genetically engineered to be like bonobos in this regard, and the bonobos line is repeated here, but I still felt quite uncomfortable with how much this played into that antiquated belief. It doesn’t help, either, that this is the premise of a pretty large chunk of yuri still being produced.

If I had to guess, my money is on Saki becoming involved with Satoru, although I don’t see it panning out in the long-run. I’ll be irritated if this conveniently lands Maria with Mamoru, whom I would personally much prefer to see waltz off the stage as opposed to Shun, who does seem most likely to at this point. He’s just been very annoying; what’s he done other than look sad and whine?

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