Week in Review, 11/19 – 11/24

What a great week.

Originally, I was going to lead with this picture:

But when I went into my images folder, I also noticed the Mark Sanchez runs into Ron Moore’s rear end picture, and, hell, why not?

AKB0048, episodes 7 – 12

So, in case the target audience was getting nervous over the lack of physical fanservice, there was a fifteen second panning shot of butts in episode nine, as you can see in the above screencap. Classy! Although it did make me realize that the show was fairly free of physical fanservice, which is surprising considering the audience. Panning butt shot is about as racy as it gets, although we do get some boobage in the swimsuit episode.

In the second half I started shipping Takamina and her would-be replacement Kanata – Kanata princess carries Takamina in my favorite moment in the series, and Kanata just in general starts following Takamina around a bunch like the lovestruck girl she is. Even other members of the cast notice, and comment on it. Too bad it’ll never likely get further than subtext!

I’ll leave the rest of my thoughts to the series review.

K, episodes 6-7

Shit’s getting real! Lame. Although, bros, I could’ve sworn that Shiro was gonna snog Kuro right before they were hit with spotlights. Too bad!

I was terribly amused that the military woman was less fanservicey in civilian clothes than in her uniform. Fucking anime.

Tenshi ni Narumon/I’m Gonna Be an Angel!, episodes 15 – 18

Aaaaand the BL finally shows up! Fuck yeah! Admittedly, its limited to rumpled sheets, and massive amounts of blushing, but I don’t think anyone could watch this and not draw BL conclusions from the relationship between Raphael and Mikael. I’ll remind you that Mikael is voiced by Akira Hnnghshida; I love his flustered voice.

As for the main storyline… well, uh, 90% of the cast continues to be dumber than a tree stump, to almost impressive extents. We do learn that the apparently mild-mannered Mama was basically a nutty girl gang-type prior to getting married, and get to watch her jet around the sky while cackling. The Utena-ish moments have increased in these episodes, which is always welcome. Sadly, though, this is still a show about a really obnoxious and stupid pair of teenagers, so I still can’t quite recommend it.

Vampire Princess Miyu TV, episodes 1 – 2

I don’t know if I just didn’t like these episodes, or if it was that I’ve seen them before, but, well, I felt fairly bored watching these. I suspect the latter is the case, although I’m surprised I recalled so much of these episodes, as I saw them literally ten years ago. I still was pleased with the outcome with a boy in the first episode – in 99% of other shows, the supernatural girl would end up saddled with the boy, but here he falls off a roof due to his own foolishness and arrogance. Excellent!

Bihada Ichizoku, episodes 1 – 10

My guess is most of you haven’t seen this; its a short series with short (~8 min.) episodes, made to promote a cosmetics line. Its a hilarious send-up of 80s series such as Glass Mask and Oniisama e…, although it owes its existence to the fact that Rose of Versailles was used to sell a cosmetics line itself (although it certainly wasn’t created in the first place for that).

In the story, a woman is betrayed by her twin sister, who has stolen the family’s secret ninja scroll thing which has the secrets to beauty on it. She becomes poor and her father dies of a heart-attack when he gets upset over his traitor daughter buying their repossessed mansion, and her mother becomes delusional as a result and thinks their new crappy apartment is their old house. The mother also keeps buying stuff they can’t afford anymore on her daughter’s salary from repairing fishing nets while wearing a t-shirt that says “Vote or Die”. There are also car chases and training montages featuring slices of fruit.

However, there’s also a ton about how women need make-up and how women should look pretty, so not exactly the most progressive thing around. It is a make-up commercial, though, so this aspect isn’t shocking, and the show is funny enough otherwise that I’m willing to overlook that.

New England Patriots @ New Jersey  York Jets, 49-19

What a glorious game, featuring the best moment of the year, as seen above. As we sat on the sofa, we howled with laughter whenever the Pats scored, starting with the third unanswered touchdown. And that third unanswered touchdown? It was the third time they’d scored in about two minutes. Is there anything more beautiful in the world than the Pats kicking the shit out of the Jets in their own stadium? Nope!

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    I never get tired of seeing Sanchez running into his lineman’s ass and fumbling.

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