Week in Review, 11/25 – 12/2

K helicopter crashhh

In this week’s edition, I fall even further behind on shows I’m supposedly active watching.

Or: whoops, I haven’t watched From the New World in two weeks. This is generally how I end up dropping shows… it isn’t that my interest has waned, I just… don’t get around to it. On the other hand, I had slipped behind on K, and am now fully up to date, so there’s still time! For the most part, though, this was a throwback week.

K, episodes 8+9

“Throwback”, I say, but then I start off with K. But, hey, why not? I was happier with these episodes, as despite having a serious lack of faff-age, things have gotten even more ludicrous in an entertaining fashion (although it has now become confusing, as I can’t just duck the jargon, like I could previously, in favor of focusing on the whole Neko Has Two Daddies aspect of the show).

In the latest episodes, K noticed our attention was flagging, so it turns out that a. there’s an airship flying over Tokyo, and b. it has been flying over Tokyo for the past 70ish years, piloted by an immortal/undead ex-Nazi scientist who still hasn’t gotten over the fact that his older sister was killed in the firebombing of Dresden. He is also the Silver King! So he’s the strongest one, yeah! Also, he kind of looks/sounds like Shiro? And his BFF was a nihonjin, who was sadface when he got onto the airship at the end of WWII. He had dark hair – like Kuro!!111!1! ZOMGGGGG.

…yeah, I have no fucking idea what is going on. But, hey, it’s cool, so who the hell cares?

And, finally, we have a brief moment of oddly placed blushing by Shiro while talking to Kuro. And, on the less awesome side, we get a really gross threat of sexual violence against the resident Rozen Maiden. Oh, K… you’d been doing so well! I’m terribly disappointed in you.

Tenshi ni Narumon/I’m Gonna Be An Angel!, episodes 19-21

Speaking of BL, might as well go with this one next. Episode nineteen is primarily silly junk, although we spend mercifully little time with Noelle and Yuusuke. I do find it amusing that I continue to watch this show (and, on the whole, like it), yet am most relieved when our leads are in scant evidence. We also avoid the pair in episode twenty for the most part, and about half of episode twenty-one is spent on others. Woohoo!

Episode twenty is genuinely a good episode. I do believe this is the first time I can say that about an episode from this show. This episode is admittedly less subtle about the central issue of the show – for all of the exclamations of desire to be an angel, what is an angel, anyway? This has been a matter primarily presented in terms of Noelle, but here we have Mikael pressed on the issue, and he’s deeply frustrated by the fact that even he doesn’t know what an angel is, or what an angel does, or how an angel lives.

While episode twenty-one appears to be back to noise and foolishness, it does tackle the question of what family is – and, unlike with the angel question, it gives an answer (roughly: a group of people who care about each other enough to put themselves on the line for each other). Ominous dreams and flashbacks suggest that Noelle and Silky are ultimately derived from the same soul, with a third person/being giving the final bit (I suspect that it’ll turn out that Natsumi is the final one involved here… and I also suspect that her brother is Raphael, given the disappearance of her brother years ago into the sky, with wings).

So, a pretty decent set of episodes. And, hey, doesn’t hurt that in episode twenty, Raphael tells Noelle that Mikael loves him, that he wants to be with him forever, and that he is Mikael’s number one person in the world. BL FTW.

Vampire Princess Miyu TV, episodes 3-10

WOW it took a while for me to be able to get into this, which was pretty surprising – given that Jigoku Shoujo was clearly influenced by VPM, I was expecting to like this a lot more off the bat. But a lot of the earlier episodes, I just didn’t care for some reason, or an element in the story grated on my nerves. But it seems to have largely hit its stride, although one of the later episodes I watched (I think it was nine or ten) left me bored. I would rather read the manga, honestly… it really is too bad Studio Ironcat went kaput, even if their releases did leave a bit to be desired (although you really can’t compare current manga publishing in America nowadays with what it was in the 90s and early 00s – just a completely different marketplace, what with things that are common now having not even been dreamt of back then).

So its feast or famine, it would seem, with VPM. I recently ponied up for the OAVs (although that’s putting it a bit grandly – RightStuf has both DVDs for $7.99 each right now), and am hoping they prove more even.

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2 Responses to Week in Review, 11/25 – 12/2

  1. dm00 says:

    Vampire Princess Miyu is (or was) famous primarily on the strength of the OAVs, which came out in 1988 or so. The TV series came out a decade later, and was, I think, a lot weaker in terms of suspense, though perhaps stronger in terms of characters — the OAV really only has Miyu and another person as recurring characters.

    What I’ve read of the manga is also excellent, but I haven’t read much, since reading Japanese is a pretty slow process for me.

  2. Elli says:

    I think what you said about Another (“it is terrible and awesome”) applies to K too. It has its genuinely enjoyable moments (everything Shiro and Kuroh, not gonna lie) but it’s mainly gloriously awful. The last episode in particular was a gold mine. The blue mouse king with the mini Sword of Damocles comes to mind. And the bunny servant guys. And the planet flinging. Honestly, I really look forward to watching K each week.

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