Week in Review, 12/10 – 12/16

I couldn’t be bothered getting a picture for this post because I am tired and crabby.

“Hey Day, what did you watch last week for animu?”

“I watched Retail Fuckings Sucks At Christmas: The Anime of My Life.”


“Yep. Has some really terrible characters in it. Like this one woman? She got angry and was yelling at a worker who was trying to comfort another woman who was crying about the school shooting. But the first woman wanted to buy a purse, so she was pissed off. So she cursed and screamed! I mean, how can you relate to a character like that at all, huh?”

“Are you even trying?”

No, Hypothetical Reader-chan, no, I am not. I am quite tired and still have about 40 hours of work left for this week, this despite having worked today and the day before. So animu has been shoved, cruelly, unkindly, to the side, although I did watch a good chunk of Witch Hunter Robin last week, and I read a couple volumes of BL manga.

What did I think of those episodes of Witch Hunter Robin? Well, the first few episodes could easily have been subtitled “Young woman has difficulty being taken seriously at new job because she is a. young, and more vitally b. she’s female”. And its done in a way where we are supposed to feel that she’s being treated unfairly by her new co-workers. So, good job on that. Of relation to gender, I find it interesting that across the first ten or so episodes, only two of the witches have been women, given historical trends insofar as whom has been identified stereotypically as a witch or witches (hint: it rhymes with gimmen).

There is no over-arching story as yet in Witch Hunter Robin, but that’s perfectly fine; I have no issue at all with shows that are wholly or mostly episodic in nature (see: my love for Jigokun Shoujo). The later episodes of what I’ve seen so far have begun to look at more complicated cases, as opposed to the early episodes wherein witches killed people because witches are bad. I like the shift – early episodes were fine, but its good to see a move toward more complex storytelling.

My criticisms thus far are that the characterization for some of the characters has been a bit on the inconsistent side, and that Robin’s own characterization at points clashes with her backstory. Robin is presented to us as a girl who has spent most of her life in a convent amongst nuns in Italy… but she doesn’t have any issue whatsoever getting from the airport to her new workplace via cab, and she doesn’t have any issues interacting with men. This rings false, since if she was cloistered, she wouldn’t’ve had contact with men during her life, and she wouldn’t have any experience utilizing a cab. She also spends one episode working undercover, and wears tight jeans and a belly-baring shirt, and shows zero reservations about. The rest of the time she spends wearing a dress that is so long it bunches at the floor, and has full-length sleeves, which indicates that she is accustomed to and is comfortable dressing in such a manner. So watching her suddenly zipping around in tight, skin-baring clothing didn’t seem terribly realistic.

Anyway, this week you can look forward to more AKB0048 posts (meh, maybe) and a post about how much Christmas music sucks x9,000. Or, y’know, the world imploding on Friday, but ever since that Hadron Large Collider destroying the earth thing failed to pan out, I’ve been skeptical about predictions of world’s end.

EDIT: Actually, scratch that – my top page/post from last week was this, and if that ain’t a sign of the end, I don’t know what the hell is.

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