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I made my end of year list too soon! I foolishly imagined that K had a break around the winter holidays like a few other shows did, and didn’t realize it actually did end before the clock ticked out on 2012! So consider that list I made revised, with K barnstorming in at number three, bumping Aquarion EVOL and Another down a slot each, and kicking Sapphogear Symphogear straight (???????!!!!!!!) out of the rankings! HOLY HELL, BROS, AND PEOPLE THINK ANIME BLOGGING ISN’T EXCITING STUFF!

Anyway, K. K is, for me, impressive – it was the show I felt the most burning, loathing hatred for before it aired, and now that all is said and done, it is my favorite show of the season. All the promo materials I saw for the show just seemed so aggressively, mind-numbingly generic, so lazy, so thoughtless, from the naked catgirl to the tall, dark, and samurai guy to the ass-and-tits-tastic female soldier that I couldn’t help but feel bile rising in my throat at the prospect of it. But then I watched it… and it was totally generic, a seething mass of different shows mashed together (Durarara!! and Rozen Maiden and any show with dating sim music and Mon Colle Knights and G Gundam and….!), but then it threw in totally deranged shit like depressed sky Nazis with sister complexes, and added a heaping pile of homoeroticism. SO. MUCH. HOMOEROTICISM. And Neko was somehow 400% less obnoxious than expected, and it all morphed into a cutesy “Neko Has Two Daddies” faffing about adventure but then SAD SKY NAZIS IN THE SKY and Mayan calendars and the firebombing of Dresden and holy hell what on earth just happened in this  show that I watched?

Put somewhat differently – K was frequently a mess and made little to no sense, but who cares, because it was ridiculous and awesome on the way to the final showdown of ultra-BL:

so canon K

Dude, that shit is so canon.

Wait, why haven’t I told you what this show is about yet? I haven’t even really told you what happened in it, either! And that would be, well, since, sure, I could tell you what the premise of the show is, but if I attempted to give you a summary… hell, it wouldn’t make any sense anyway! Here is your premise: Yashiro Isana is a totes normal high school boi, and he’s been framed for murder! Also, there are kings that are color-coded, have powers, and have giant sky dicks swords. They don’t like each other. Anyway, everyone wants Yashiro dead, dead, dead, including Kuro Yatogami, who is pretty much a male Yamato Nadeshiko – he even has cooking skills!!1! But Yashiro somehow persuades him to not kill him (probably because BLove!). And there’s a naked catgirl named Neko (LOL!), but she’s actually a cat who is just taking girl form, as opposed to a girl who is a moron and meows a bunch and has arbitrary ears. She loves rice crackers. Anyway, Yashiro, Kuro, and Neko end up on the run and everyone wishes there was a cutesy OAV called Neko Has Two Daddies (but there isn’t one yet). WaCkInEsS ensues! Also, sad, sister-complex-having, immortal Nazi in the sky. Why? Well, why not! And, oh, yeah, basically every opposing pair of guys has enough homoeroticism to turn the polar ice caps gay (see, bros? its all part of the Gay Plot – melt the ice-caps and kill us all! global warming is a conspiracy by scientists AND the gays!).

Does this sound like enough of a mess? Well, its got really nice and shiny-looking animation,  although someone on the staff was huffing color filters and put them on every-fucking-thing, something I don’t mind at all, but which may irritate the hell out of others.

And you know what? Yes, it is a mess. But that’s only a barrier if you decide to take it seriously and actually try to follow along with every ridiculous development that comes down the pike. Bro, you just need to sit back, and let it wash over you. Don’t ask yourself, “But why did an ex-Nazi scientist who was sad about his ‘nee-san dying in the firebombing of Dresden decide to hop onto a zeppelin and fly around the skies of Tokyo for the past seventy-odd years?” Bro, it doesn’t matter – he just did. “But, wait, why did he think giant sky swords could help solve humanity’s problems?” Bro, just let it go. He did. He just did. Because K, the show, needed him to, bro. “But, why did the subbers decide to not bother translating half the German and about 10% of the Japanese at the end of the show?”

So what is there left to say? There isn’t anything, really, except that if you haven’t watched K, you should really give it a go… especially if you are hot for BL, because, damn, Kuro x Shiro 4ever.

best show of the season

Or, y’know, if you really love dumb anime.

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12 Responses to K Season Review

  1. Nazarielle says:

    All the Pokemon shipping. Black/White, Red/Blue.

    I would so watch Neko Has Two Daddies.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I would so animate Neko Has Two Daddies… except I’m already terribly, terribly busy trying to bring that Smokin’ Jay Cutler fanfiction to the small-screen.

  2. Mira says:

    For someone who has actually painstakingly taken this series apart from one allusion to the other, I’m surprised K makes so much sense when it’s the epitome of “HAH! LET’S SEE YOU FIGURE THIS OUT.”

  3. Cholisose says:

    This is my favorite post. XD

    But yeah, K. It was the most anime anime that was ever ANIMADE.
    And now it’s getting a second season. I’m pretty sure I had almost no hope for that while watching the series, but after that last episode…
    Yes, I can go for some more K. (Or rather, some more Shiro and Kuro. Fufufufufu.)

  4. Sebz Dima says:

    There’s no point watching this show for the story or the swordfights (well maybe except the ones between Yata and whoever-the-fuck-Mamoru-Miyano voices), but it did draw a lot of people in. It was clear very early that this show would be disappointing storywise, but people would say, “That’s why there’s a season 2!” Still, I would have preferred that a season could stand on its own without having its fans do research.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      Eh, I’m excited for season two, but not to get a “complete” storyline, and I would’ve been fine if this was just where K left off forever. I like the main characters enough and the silliness enough to not really care that the storyline was a jumbled mess… and I expect more of the same from the second season, although I’m doubtful they can top sudden sky Nazi.

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  6. loveandsausages says:

    This review is perfect. Been meaning to say that for a while but I kept getting stuck on that last picture and forgetting to leave the comment altogether. The one thing I’d say though is that K is more than a dumb anime. It’s a good dumb anime. Then there are awful, nearly unwatchable bad/dumb anime like Sword Art Online. What I’m trying to say is don’t watch SAO.

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