Week in Review, 12/23 – 12/29

is this shit even being subbed

That moment when Viz said “Keikaku means plan.”

Pah, so it was in an episode that I watched last week that that happened! But that sort of foolishness – in an official release! – is too stupid to not mention at some point, so there you have it – karasu means bird (for the record, it specifically means ‘crow’).

I already wrote my series review for K, but don’t think that means you’re safe from blathering about the final two episodes here.

K, episodes 12 + 13

So immortal (or not?!) sky ex-Nazi saves the day… just in time for the show to have a second season green-lit, thank heavens. We all know Shiro isn’t really dead, which is good, since how else could we get K Season II: Neko Has Two Daddies if he were dead? Unless Neko were to be adopted by the annoying skateboard guy and that weird fuck with the glasses and possessiveness issues, which, uh, would be totally fucking terrifying.

A few final bits:

  • we never met all seven kings! we got Silver, Gold, Red, Blue, and Colorless… $5 says the missing links are Yellow and Green
  • I recently saw that a couple places list that Neko is 15 years old, which is all well and good, except, wait, what the fuck, how, in cat years, in human years, how is that even relevant, also, what the fuck how does that even work
  • ok, so, Colorless King is an evil little shit, possessed Weissman, has been hopping around being a fucking creeper, but, well, was he the “real” Yashiro Isana? or had he possessed Yashiro along the way for convenience sake? his naked spirit form would seem to indicate that he was Yashiro, but then Weissman muddies things by saying that Colorless has jumped between consciousnesses so much that he doesn’t really know who he is anymore, so, well, yeah
  • pixiv. is. amazing.

From the New World, episodes 9 – 13

I almost re-shelved this show after episode ten – it was just too personally traumatizing… says the person who was then cheering hardcore for Mamoru to get chewed to bits in episode thirteen. Good lord is that boy obnoxious! And I’m irritated with how Maria has been paired off with him so conveniently; they have no chemistry whatsoever, with Maria just seeming to play the role of mother-figure for him even as the show seems bound and determined to make us think there’s a romantic link there. Maria as a character was never terribly fleshed-out, but at this point she’s just a plot device; she’ll (apparently) go off with Mamoru, and, well, guess Saki’ll be made uneasy by it. Feels lazy.

I thought it was hilarious that Mamoru’s dad is apparently just as feckless as Mamoru himself is – he was ready to bounce off to the town’s leadership before Maria told him to keep it a secret (since, even reduced to plot device, Maria is about 20x smarter than Mamoru’s bloodline).

Saki’s meeting with Tomiko Asahina was fascinating; I am repulsed by the town’s methods, but I completely understood why Tomiko is committed to them. I’m a bit impressed that From the New World managed to make her viewpoint so sympathetic, as we’ve spent much of the show watching Saki and her friends suffer because of the actions that the Ethics Committee has taken.

I also wondered – is the society in From the New World a matriarchy? The heads of councils so far have all been women, and Tomiko talks about how she wanted Saki’s mother to be her successor, and that now she wants Saki to be that. But I might be doing recency bias, as the Very Important person who was visiting the class was a man back in episode eight.

Man, bros, wish that the original novel could get licensed here.

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  1. Sebz Dima says:

    The novel’s scanned online, I’ve been meaning to find time to translate it…

    • A Day Without Me says:

      If you do…. you are wonderful. It seems to me like it might fairly difficult to translate! Let me know if you do, and if you need any assistance with, oh, I don’t know, editing, formatting, that sort of thing that I could help with.

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