La Storia della Uta no AMNESIA-sama

maji love 2000%


No week in review this week since I didn’t watch ANY anime last week… and, well, yeah, its a thin season, but, wow, that’s surprising. I wonder when the last time was that I didn’t watch a single episode of anime in a week? Hmm.

This time, it was just a combo of tons of manga reading and the fact that I was picking up sticks and moving again (sort of; temporary duty, bros). I did squish in AKB0048 Second Stage’s first episode earlier today, but that’ll obviously fall under this week’s review.

Anyway, I discovered that Uta no Prince-sama’s second season does have an official name, and it is everything I could’ve possibly dreamed of – Uta no Prince-sama – Maji LOVE 2000%. Perfect!

As long as I’m talking otome adaptations, still peeved that Arcana Famiglia hasn’t gotten a second season greenlit. It seems the assumption was that it, well, would, but the numbers on sales weren’t all that hot (certainly weren’t compared to Prince-sama). Too bad; I actually liked AF quite a bit. I know a lot of folks took issue with how it just seemed to faff about, but to me it did a pretty decent job of familiarizing us with the core cast and giving us a reason to root for them. OT3 BABY. Of course, a show should stand on its own, and as it is, AF is pretty infuriating. Too bad.

AMNESIA! I haven’t watched it yet; I haven’t located a nearby location with WiFi that can handle streaming. Sadface. I really do want to watch it, even if I just expect it to be bad. Hope springs eternal, bitches.

Anyway, the point of this post is to simply establish my intent to blog Prince-sama next season. At the same time, there is a very, very, very good chance I will be unable to do it in a timely fashion, and there is a secondary very good chance that I will be unable to finish blogging it. However, as the only person in the known blogosphere who completely blogged Prince-sama start to finish, I feel a weird obligation to blog the second season as well. I don’t very often feel this way, bros, so you should probably stop to admire this urge of mine, as it’ll probably be another, oh, four years before this ever happens again.

Prodding around tumblr’s Prince-sama tag, I realize that, SHIT, I don’t actually know the names of most of the characters in the damn show. Really! I blogged the entire show, but spent all my time referring to the characters as Psycho-Glasses and Bill Clinton, so, no, other than Haruka, I do not fucking know any of these names. Here is a key, then, to help you should you plan to follow my posts:

  • Fish-eyes = Haruka, our dear heroine
  • Bill Clinton = Ren Jinguuji
  • Suit-sensei = Ryuuga-sensei
  • Annoying Red-Head = Otoya Ittoki
  • Cougar-Roomie = Tomochika Shibuya
  • Mr. Rogers = Masato Hijirikawa, formerly known as Argyle Sweater
  • Trap-sensei = Ringo-sensei
  • Psycho-Glasses – Natsuki Shinomiya
  • Hayato-sama = durrr Hayato, but also Tokiya Ichinose
  • Boy George = Shou Kurusu, formerly known as Wannabe Punk

There’s also the vaguely-Arab magical fairy cat prince, but, uh, whatever, who cares, he only showed up in non-cat form for half an episode.

And here is canon as far as I’m concerned:

  • Mr. Rogers x Bill Clinton
  • Boy George has a crush on Suit-sensei
  • Suit-sensei x Trap-sensei

And Fish Eyes either gets together with Hayato-sama or Annoying Red-Head… it was kind of stupid that she didn’t get with Hayato-sama at the end of the first season, as that would’ve made sense, but, eh. His loss! Because, really, Red-Head is annoying, but his crush on Fish Eyes actually made sense, whereas with most of the rest it was basically, “Fish Eyes is the lead? OH HOT DAMN I WANNA HIT THAT SHIT.”

There are apparently two more boys joining the harem, but they are, sadly, assholes (apparently). I’ll probably just refer to them as Asshole A and Asshole B.

We might also get to see Trap-sensei in non-trap form. Actually, fuck it, Trap-sensei is Ringo-sensei, since Ringo-sensei is awesome and we know Ringo is cross-dressing from the get-go anyway (whether Ringo-sensei is trans or not is a whole other ball of wax, though, as its never clear if Ringo-sensei identifies as a woman versus as a man – I’m inclined to say that they ID as a man despite constantly dressing in women’s clothing, but, well, its Prince-sama, so there’s no depth at all to this matter.) Ringo-sensei is pretty cute as a man or as a woman, for the record, although I prefer seeing them in women’s clothes, probably since that is how they were introduced to the audience.

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  1. Fencedude says:

    >ships Haruka with her roommate like the yuri maniac I am

  2. Goethe says:

    BOY GEORGE (*≧▽≦)ノシ))
    Looking forward to your MAJI 2000% a’bloggin ❤

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