AMNESIA at a Glance


That was my face while watching this.

Wow. This was really, really terrible. Even if I’m not really enjoying a show, I typically will at least give it until the end of the first episode, but after half the episode, I opted to skip around, watching a few snippets here and there. And then I shrugged my shoulder and resolved to move on with my life.

Unlike Uta no Prince-sama, which decided to ride everything hard to its most ludicrous conclusion, and unlike Arcana Famiglia, which decided to have us get to know the characters by watching them in everyday life, there’s just¬†nothing here at all that would ever make a person look at it twice.¬†Nothing. Sad girl has amnesia, spends episode generally confused. Cardboard cutout boys and men walk into the scene, flaunt their assets, and disappear again. Hazy flashbacks happen, dragging out past any reasonable runtime. And a magical boy floats around scenes as exposition made incarnate, a stunning act of laziness on the part of the adaptation team.

As an audience, we are given absolutely no reason whatsoever to care about our heroine, nor any reason to care about any of the characters around her. The whole thing creaks by as a constellation of mind-numbingly over-used tropes, presented in a manner that is more or less the anime equivalent of watching paint dry.

I think I’m going to take a hint from the title and forget that this thing ever happened, and I would strongly advise anyone still considering giving this one a go to do the same.

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3 Responses to AMNESIA at a Glance

  1. Marcomax says:

    I decided to give this a look because:
    1) Uta no Prince-sama ws my first taste of otome series and I’m jonesing for another hit.
    2) I’m kinda gotten tired of male-targeted fan service. which is weird to say being a guy.
    3) I was bored @&$%less.

    Yea. I’m just going to wait for Uta no Prince-sama 2000%.

    On a side note, are heroines like this the rule or the exception to the rule in otome games?

    • jpmeyer says:

      This one is like the most extreme example. In the game she actually never talks. It was really weird to play because it also made the dialogue extremely stilted and awkward.

  2. Sebz Dima says:

    complete shame, I was thinking about watching this show…

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