Tamako Market at a Glance

tamako market op

I actually don’t like mochi.

No, really – I don’t. I feel this weird sort of guilt for disliking them, because anime makes them seem so oishii and wonderful, but I find their consistency entirely off-putting. I wish I liked them, bros, but I just can’t. Sadface, I know.

Anyway, I quite liked Tamako Market. Its a cute, harmless little slice-of-life show (yes, even with the talking cockatoo), and I found it to be a charming little diversion. Twenty-six episodes (or even twenty-four) would be entirely too much for it, but twelve episodes seems just right. The characters are pleasant, although I could do with a touch less of the silly shouting and floundering of limbs. The humor is light and amusing, particularly as involves aforementioned talking cockatoo, as well as the bits that relate to Mochizuki, the show’s easily abashed would-be Romeo.

Speaking of Mochizuki, this was one point that stood out for me, as it just felt so… true to life. Buying birthday presents every year for you crush, but being too shy to actually give them? I think a lot of us can relate to that – I know I certainly can! And having him go back into the bathhouse again, presumably so he could walk Tamako and his younger sister home was cute. I certainly don’t want this to take over the entire show, but as an element to the mix, I’m quite happy.

But, really, it was the setting that I fell in love with. I’ve always been a sucker for the shopping arcade as a setting in anime, maybe because its so alien to my own experience. There’s something almost enchanting about it, these little microcosms where people both live and work in a fairly close-knit community. As a person who thoroughly enjoys bleak, empty places, its weird that this sort of thing would prove of such interest to me, but, well, it does (I suspect that living in such a setting would drive me totally bonkers, though).

Of course, then again, the moment I saw Tamako in a top hat in the OP, I knew this was going to be a show I kept up with. My favorite magical girl transformation scene does hail from Kaitou Saint Tail, after all.


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3 Responses to Tamako Market at a Glance

  1. processr says:

    I’m with you, mochi are not good at all. To me they feel… uncooked. Reflexes kick in and then I just feel sick.

  2. Erif says:

    so I just starting reading you blog and is this “bro” thing your trademark or something? your tour de force, so to speak?

    Also yeah I feel you one the setting, the concept of it is intriguing. Though I doubt everyone would be so friendly. ;-; I personally thought the premiere was a bit mundane, and while it had its moments it came off as a bit too cutesy. Will keep watching, nevertheless.

  3. ringostarr says:

    I really enjoy this show because even though all it does is follow the three main characters, you cannot help but have a smile on your face after it’s over. It really reminds me of Aria in many ways.

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