Spring 2013 Season Preview


prince sama 2000%

Wait, the season’s already started? Crap.

Be kind and pretend that I was more timely, as it may be my last season preview for a little while.

Below are the shows I’ll be checking out; those with asterisks are ones I either am looking forward to, or am expecting/hoping will be good.

  • Red Data Girl
  • Demon Lord at Work!
  • Karneval
  • Majestic Prince
  • Valvrave the Liberator
  • Glass Mas desu ga
  • Uta no Prince-sama – Maji LOVE 2000%*
  • A Certain Scientific Railgun S

Wow, I’m suddenly feeling pretty blah about the season when I actually type it out like that. Only anticipated show is the Prince-sama sequel? Yikes.

Working through the list, I more or less expect to loathe Red Data Girl, as I have generally loathed everything P.A. Works has put out, the lone exception being Tari Tari, which I found half-decent but it didn’t captivate me quite enough for me to keep watching it past four episodes or so. So why bother with Red Data Girl? I suppose some twisted part of me wants to suffer through the first episode or two so that I can then savage it. How terribly noble of me!

I likewise expect little from Demon Lord at Work!, except in this case its more that I expect it to be not quite funny enough, and it will be pleasantly surprising if it exceeds my expectation. I can’t recall the last time a comedy anime actually struck me as funny, so it would be nice for a change of pace.

The heroine in Karneval has irritating hair. Its an otome adaptation, and as I am lady, I am required to watch these things every season, come hell or high water (I almost had my lady card revoked for never giving Hiiro no Kakera a chance!). My bad – apparently Karneval is an adaptation of a josei manga, which surprises me given how all the promo art looks – shoujo wouldn’t’ve surprised me, josei does. Anyway, this is what happens when you do your season preview while sleep-deprived. Now I actually have higher expectations, though, which could be really, really bad.

As for the Prince-sama sequel, of which, at the very least, the title amuses me – unlike other shows, feebly trying to distinguish themselves by bizarre and irritating nomenclature for their sequels, Prince-sama makes it pretty easy: it isn’t 1000%! It’s 2000%! Brilliant! And at least I can expect with Prince-sama that the first few episodes will be ridiculous and amusing, and that I can spin lots and lots of BL from it – and a smattering of yuri, too! – to make it worth my while. Yes, yes, yuri, my friends, yuri from a reverse harem… surprising, certainly, but, believe me, I’m far from the only one:

prince sama yuri

You should really check out that Pixiv tag, bros.

Majestic Prince and Valvrave the Liberator look fairly similar, although I suspect that the similarities are superficial and I’m only making anything of it since they hail from the same season. Valvrave is absolutely the better looking of the two, and Majestic Prince’s title brings unfortunate memories of Marginal Prince to mind. Also, Valvrave is Sunrise, and by now anyone reading this blog is well-aware that I’m a sucker for Sunrise… and, yeah, ok, bros, two guys who look like they may be rivals? Duh, BL fodder. I am in your fandom, ruining your life. (I also managed to mistype “Liberator” as “Luberator” twice, for whatever that’s worth.)

Glass Mask desu ga is such an odd-looking thing. At this point, even the remake of Glass Mask is now almost a decade old… but there’s also a movie coming out in June that’s a spin-off of the franchise. I’m tempted to call it a vanity project, but the fact that a full movie is being made as well is cause for pause, since, well, three minute episodes, ok, but, well, movie? It does sound like it’ll be funny, and I’m sort of envisioning something like Bihada Ichizoku (just, y’know, without the make-up shilling), sending up 70s shoujo and the girl gang genre simultaneously. Its at least worth looking at.

And, finally, A Certain Scientific Railgun S… I only just started watching the first season a few days ago, but I am liking it enough that the idea of a sequel seems good to me. I won’t get around to trying it until a while into the season, though, doubtlessly, as I still have nineteen episodes of the first season left to watch.

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6 Responses to Spring 2013 Season Preview

  1. kimalysong says:

    “The heroine in Karneval has irritating hair. Its an otome adaptation”

    No it’s not. It’s a josei manga and while there are more male characters, there are a good number of regular female characters as well.

    • kimalysong says:

      It is also not about the girl in romantic relationships with the male characters at all. It’s an action based series.

  2. foshizzel says:

    A Certain Scientific Railgun S! APPROVED FOR AWESOME~

  3. “My bad – apparently Karneval is an adaptation of a josei manga, which surprises me given how all the promo art looks – shoujo wouldn’t’ve surprised me, josei does”
    In all fairness it’s from Zero Sum and all of their comics are, as someone on Manga Bookshelf put it recently, “shojo/josei/fantasy/BL-lite” so that’s a pretty understandable mistake. XD

  4. Elli says:

    Why’d you decide not to look at Aku no Hana, Suisei no Gargantia or Shingeki no Kyojin? In my opinion, they’re easily set to be the best shows of the season. Aku no Hana in particular is pushing boundaries with its art style and it seems like it’s going to be something really special. I was completely blown away by it. And Urobuchi is writing something that looks like it won’t be dark and tragic. I couldn’t pass up on that.

    • A Day Without Me says:

      In order of question: didn’t like the manga (and even though I think rotoscoping is neat visually, it also gives me headaches to watch it), don’t like Urobuchi’s stuff, and simply don’t find the premise interesting.

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