Red Data Girl at a Glance

red data girl

One and done.

Alright, so its fairly well-established by now that I don’t like P.A. Works. I tend to shy away from making pronouncements like that about studios, as studios generally vary so much over time that you can wait a little while for your favorite studio to turn into crap or a terrible studio to turn out a few solid shows, but with only one show from them that I’ve liked over the course of six years, well, I feel safe saying that I don’t like them. (The show? Another!)

So, guess what? Yes, that’s right! I don’t like Red Data Girl. At the moment it smells like a Blue Seed rip-off with a much weaker lead, much crappier potential love interest, and way less tearing up of landscapes. It also has less panties, but, hey, I’m sure they’ll get around to the cheesecake – next episode involves rain, there’ll be plenty of opportunities there. I’m sure that’s just the part of me that was ticked over Hanairo’s grating little “I’m a serious story! Oh, look, nadeshiko yamato all soaking wet in a white t-shirt!” act.

Although she for the most part has all the strength of will of a wet paper towel, Izumiko, our heroine, does show some occasional flashes of spirit, although it makes her general personality all the more obnoxious. She tells her father that if he can’t bother to make it to parent-teacher meetings, then he can’t tell her where to go to high school, but then wilts when Miyuki, her would-be “manservant”, is a complete shitbag to her. And you justĀ know that this is the guy the show will ship her with. Next episode preview, she asks to hold his hand!

Miyuki really is the primary reason I’m already done with this show. He’s a complete and total asshole. Sure, he’s in a bad situation himself, but the handy-dandy flashback just proves that he’s always been an awful person (flashback is of him repeatedly hitting Izumiko with a ball as she cries and telling her she’s crap; charming kindergartener!). As the sort of person who loves egalitarianism, it is a truly bad sign when I’m the one practically cheering when a character gets put in his place because of social hierarchy, and that was exactly my response when Miyuki’s father has apparently kicked the shit out of the kid and forced him to submit to his role as Izumiko’s servant/protector.

So, yeah, Red Data Girl. Dropped. The overarching story is mildly intriguing, but the characters are just too terrible to make me feel like bothering. Even with all its filler and its 90s-era animation and art, Blue Seed is a way better bet if you like the premise.

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