Devil Survivor 2 The Animation at a Glance

devil survivor two the animation ep 1

Terrible Shit Happens to Tokyo: The Animation.

Devil Survivor 2 has a premise that largely falls in line with the sorts of tales I find myself endlessly fascinated by – the world is doomed, now watch bad stuff happen! And the concept of an app that promises to show you the moment of your friends deaths is delightfully unsettling. But what I see so far doesn’t quite click for me – there are some disparate elements I like, but then there are things that I definitely don’t, and put together, it leaves me feeling unsatisfied.

Honestly, I would much prefer if the show had just gone with the creepy app, Nicaea, as the flux of the narrative and left aside apocalypse and demon summoning. I love apocalypse, but there’s a very good horror show lurking in the deathwatch app all by its very self, and its a story I find more enticing than the one we are apparently going to get.

Perhaps my main issue is that I just don’t care about the characters. I know, I know, its only been one episode… but, for example, even with Red Data Girl, where I didn’t like it and I didn’t like the characters, the characters at least inspired a reaction in me. Our trio here is just wholly uninspiring – lead dude with SHOCKING AMOUNT OF POWER!, his friend who is girl crazy, and a meek-ish big-boobed girl. Yawn. (I think the show also tripped up in not being willing to kill off the male friend.) I also find that their character designs just bug me for some reason. I can’t quite explain why, but they do.

So, while I think there’s some potential here, I’m not feeling much inspired by the show so far. I plan to watch at least one more episode, so hopefully it picks up.

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