Uta no Prince-sama – MAJI LOVE 2000% Episode Five

prince-sama 2000 ep 5 b

A cat is fine, too.

Otoya is the man of the (half) (third of an) hour here, and while this episode may follow the trend of giving one episode over to each guy, it doesn’t keep with the “I have a problem!” trend that we’ve previously shown. And, honestly, it works a lot better that way – Otoya is probably the most normal of the bunch, and his cheerfulness is down-to-earth in a way that Natsuki’s never does (with good reason!). Last season I stated that I felt that, even though he was a bit boring, he seemed the best fit for Haruka, and I stand by that here. He’s simply, well, normal, and he doesn’t suffer from some past trauma or some personality flaw that adds complications to the mix. And, unlike all the other guys in the cast, Otoya’s never been mean to Haruka or made her uncomfortable.

Speaking of Haruka, it seems they’ve completed the lobotomy here, sadly. Scared of a haunted maze built by elementary schoolers? Really? And getting lost easily is now apparently just part of who she is, despite this never having shown up at all in the first season, since the poor girl is too involved in an idol mag to realize she’s been walking off her route. Sigh. At least her blue dress was really cute. I want her wardrobe! =x


The best part of the episode was early on, as we discovered that Cecil can do a really spot-on SHINING SAOTOME impression. That is what he’s doing dressed as a cat in the above. It is truly a sight to behold.

Overall, not a great episode by any means, although it does a much, much better job of establishing Otoya x Haruka as an option than the previous two episodes did with Shou x Haruka or Hijirikawa x Haruka did. Part of this is simply that we actually see more than a few minutes of Haruka on-screen – funny how that works! Watching the two interact actually shows that Otoya sees Haruka as a person and cares about her, whereas with Shou and Hijirikawa it seemed they regard her more as an object on a pedestal.

Oh, yeah, and Otoya’s insert song is actually gloriously cheesy, thank goodness! I was getting a bit worried we’d never get any of that again!

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  1. barak says:

    Haruka already had a tendency to get lost in series 1, too, and in fact she did get lost while going to Hayato’s live in the Natsuki episode.
    *waves Otoya/Haruka flag*

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