Uta no Prince-sama – MAJI LOVE 2000% Episode Six

utapri 2000 ep 6

Keepin’ it saxy.

Ugh, I am lagging so badly, bros, sorry about that.

I’m tempted to call this my favorite episode of the season so far based largely on how completely, wonderfully cheesy and PG-13-type sleazy the music insert sequence was. The music is so hilariously awful and the accompanying animation – in which Ren gets semi-naked in glow-y – is absolutely one of the best ones of the series as a whole. This was also an episode where you can definitely spot the production crew winking at the viewers, and its funnier for it; in general, UtaPri is just a hell of a lot more enjoyable when the folks involved in making it decide to go full ham with the damn thing.

Ren’s whole drama is that he thinks his elder brother forced him into the idol business to get him out of the way and to also help protect the family business and expand its appeal and reach. So when he’s picked to be part of a fashion show, as everyone else exclaims over how wonderful of an opportunity it is, he’s perfectly cordial about it but you can tell something is gnawing at him. Ren thinks he was picked because his family’s company is the majority sponsor, and it just brings up unsettled sentiments toward his brother.

It also brings up a pretty heavy dose of brocon, honestly, which shouldn’t be shocking from this franchise! A-1 Pictures knows their demographic, and one doubts that this was something they didn’t deliberately opt to play up. Y’see, poor onii-chan has a dull, grinding life, had all those expectations piled up on him about the company, etc., and to him Ren was a shining light of sorts because he was young, innocent, and could do what he loved, i.e. sing. So onii-chan pushed Ren toward the idol business because he felt that Ren could do it and that he’d be happy doing it, happier certainly than he would slaving away as a businessman.

The funniest scene in the episode occurs when a blackout strikes the stadium where the fashion show is being held. Ren decides to start singing, and Haruka dashes backstage to hand over the CD she’s made for him that has the necessary music on it. Onii-chan seizes the CD and frantically begins a mad dash through the darkened hallways, wipes out dramatically and contrary to the laws of physics, gets up, runs some more, bursts into the control room, literally leaps across the room, jams the CD into a CD player, and a burst of light suddenly comes from the CD. Its all played entirely to the hilt, and it had me in stitches.

Everything else is pretty superfluous. We’ve got the standard material to show that Haruka and Ren could be a possibility as a couple, there’s some minor faffing about with the other boys, and Cecil has what may be a wee bit of introspection. Tomochika FINALLY shows up again, and she’s territorial about Haruka as regards Cecil, so there’s a teensy bit of fuel for those of us who yuri ship in this show. I hope we don’t got another five episodes without seeing her again =(

Anyway, completely dying for Ren’s single to come out. My favorite from last season was Natsuki’s, but I’m thinking it’ll be Ren this time around!

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2 Responses to Uta no Prince-sama – MAJI LOVE 2000% Episode Six

  1. Caraniel says:

    Oh lord the delicious cheese! Definitely the best of the image songs this season so far – all that saxxy, glowy, cheesiness! I too loved Jinguji onii-san’s epic dash to the CD player, and highly enjoyed how the music just automatically synced up with where Ren was in the song!

    • A Day Without Me says:

      I’m dying for the single to come out. I’ll be pretty surprised if any of the other singles manages to surpass this one… lordy, its basically exactly what I wanted out of this season, and not a moment too soon! Otoya’s insert song was pretty decent, but, yeesh, those first two were freaking horrendous!

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