Free! Episode Four

free ep 4 the two weirdos

The two weirdos.

Remember the bullet system? I’m gonna stick with that.


  • holy crap, those summer uniforms are ugly! black collar on a white shirt?! and polka-dotted
  • Rei is basically Dera from Tamako Market, except less creepy and more tolerable overall – both have high opinions of themselves and do a hell of a lot of chattering even as they continually fail to actually produce any results
  • speaking of Rei, raise (reise?) your hand if you think it is a tragedy that Rei isn’t voiced by the guy who voiced Twenty in Milky Holmes; both have that obsession with things being beautiful, after all
  • I almost tore my eyes out this episode from the amount of time spent lingering on the physiques of underage boys… just isn’t my thing at all, bros, and I felt creepy having a camera angled up the legs of a sixteen year old boy as he did the breaststroke kick so that we could properly stare at his crotch *shudders*
  • Haru and Rei bonding in their own way at the end as two weirdos from different ends of the spectrum was cute
  • Kouuuuu! I love this girl, oh, I adore this girl! I honestly wish she was in the pool, too, since the female sport’s team manager thing is very much over-done, but I delight in watching her interact and react to the rest of the cast, and I am thrilled that she actually is a character and not just some pathetic attempt to draw in more heterosexual male eyeballs by being the token cutesy girl
  • these kids have got to be the biggest dolts to have not figured out that Ama-chan-sensei was doing gravure work in Tokyo… but they’ve also got to be the biggest dolts to think that Rei studying swimming technique will have somehow transformed him into a swimmer even as he’s failed to spend time in the pool
  • looks like Makoto’s stroke will be backstroke, which I suspected based on his movements in the ED during the dance-club portion
  • cabbage butterflies creep me out… I will always think of the Revolutionary Girl Utena movie when I see them, and that is unsettling, to say the least…


  • NOOOOO NOOO NOOOOOOOOOOO why oh why oh why is the rivalry BL angle being pushed?!?!?! Rin pinning Haru against the fence was sending my BL detector screaming, which made me sadface uguu because I obviously am all for Haru x Makoto arghhhhh noooo
  • and Nagisa briefly attempts to teach Rei to swim, but it isn’t the force of shipping nature that it was last week sighhh


  • ok, so, yeah, calling utter bullshit here on the fact that Rei can swim butterfly but nothing else; butterfly is the most intense and difficult of the strokes, and there is no way in hell you’re going to be able to swim that when you can’t even hack the crawl
  • …that being said, butterfly is rather perfect for Rei – butterfly is the only stroke that was specifically developed for competition, so it definitely fits with Rei’s focus on calculating his way to perfection
  • by the way, Rei’s angle for entry into the water was actually pretty terrible considering that the pool is shallow enough that he can stand up in the deep end – need a much flatter dive for that
  • Samezuka’s pool has seven lanes, which is pretty weird; typically, the number is lanes is even, with Olympic-sized pools featuring ten lanes; competition pools in America, though, generally have six or eight (although I have swum in five lane pools in competition before)
  • swimming attire! we all love our rip-off anime brands like Sudobucks and Somy, and Free! does not disappoint here, as we get a Speedo rip-off (first picture), as well as what I believe is a TYR rip-off, based on the logo and the name printed (‘ties’)

shark speedo

ties TYR goggles


  • …although the logo does much more closely resemble that of Arena, so it may be a combo of the two; having dug into it slightly, thinking the combo idea may hold the most water (ohoho) as apparently in 2009 a Japanese swimmer (Ryousuke Irie) set the world record for the 200m backstroke whilst wearing an Arena swimsuit, and it is the number two swimwear brand in Japan; Arena isn’t very big in the U.S., though, and I honestly only recall ever seeing anyone wearing their goggles or suits maybe half a dozen times over the years – Speedo and TYR are the largest selling brands here, with Nike coming up third
  • as for myself… I wore primarily Speedo as a competitive swimmer (they manufactured most of the team swimsuits for teams in my region of USA Swimming), with some TYR thrown in (couple sets of goggles, a few swim caps, which isn’t much when its about one pair of goggles per year and three swim caps), but at the moment the swim cap and goggles I own are TYR, as are two of my three swimsuits
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3 Responses to Free! Episode Four

  1. Hogart says:

    Yeah I’ll definitely raise my hand. It’s a crime that we have a Milky Holmes without Beautiful Me to begin with, so it’s doubly disappointing that they don’t have him voicing Rei. That would probably be enough to keep me watching Free, because there’s otherwise just not much here for me.

  2. supervamp78 says:

    Please i could tell RinXHaru would be main slash relationship first episode, they were completely setting it up as”Love hate rivarly”

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