Free! Episode Six

free ep 6

Now that’s what we call a tease.

Oh, KyoAni – I knew there was no way in hell you’d commit to that one (this isn’t Star Driver or even D.N.Angel, after all), but, geez, still was a bit of a rude jerking of the carpet beneath my feet right there.


  • my sentiment that Rei is a total dumbass pretty much stands – Nagisa’s sharp to steer away from calling him out for his idiocy while they’re still trapped on a deserted island during a storm, but that boy should be given a solid lecture
  • it feels funny to touch on subtlety in an episode that was premised on something entirely un-subtle (ZOMG THE SWIMMING BOYS MIGHT DROWNNN!!!), but I do love it when KyoAni brings that lighter touch to things – Haruka is handled perfectly here, capping off the quieter moments with him where we can actually figure out why he has these friends, something that, quite frankly, was baffling in the first episode. Haruka obviously cares a hell of a lot about Makoto, and he’s careful to try to handle things while also sparing Makoto potential additional pain, and KyoAni manages to demonstrate this while not having Haruka seem to break character at all, which can be difficult with an oddball like Haruka
  • honestly, something like that can make or break a show or any piece of fiction – if the audience is utterly at a loss as to why Character A has any friends or associates at all, it makes it really hard to become immersed in a story; basically, it prevents the suspension of disbelief – this is actually a big part of why The Lone Ranger (2013) doesn’t quite work, because it doesn’t make a lick of sense that Tonto would continue hanging out with a buffoon like the titular pretty boy, given that said pretty boy spends much of his time acting like an idiot and then another chunk of his time leaving Tonto to die or whacking him with shovels
  • Makoto’s managed to become my favorite character, surprisingly enough; but, then again, I have always had a weakness for the martyr types (thank fuck I don’t suffer from that weakness in real life, though)
  • I really liked how Makoto’s back-story was handled; just enough details that we got what his issue is, just the right touches (the goldfish) so it wasn’t totally bland, and not totally solved at the end and handwaved off into the distance like this is the sort of thing that can magically be solved overnight
  • so apparently Makoto slept in his swim trunks? weird
  • I do think the first part of the episode is complete eyeroll territory, though, and it holds the episode back from being anything other than decent, even with the solid final two-thirds or so


  • wall-to-wall Makoto x Haruka *fistpumps* MY SHIP IS WINNING, HA
  • also, a wee dash of Rei x Nagisa
  • …really, we had the boys hanging out on a dark and stormy night in swim trunks, sopping wet, in a creepy place, yeeesh, and people were all pissy that there were boys together in a swimming pool?


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