Week(s) in Review, 8/4 – 8/17

day break illusion 6

Two weeks worth.

Ranking of shows currently airing that I am watching:

  1. Free!
  2. Eccentric Family
  3. Day Break Illusion

Whoops, haven’t caught Sapphogear in a couple of weeks and am also behind on Watamote.  With the first season of Sapphogear, I watched it in chunks of episodes, and I find that I prefer to do that with this second season as well. As for Watamote, I find I need to be in the mood for it, otherwise it just sort of falls flat for me, and I haven’t been in the mood for it in about ten days. Welp.

Eccentric Family, episodes 5-6

I don’t think an anime has been able to get under my skin like this in a few years. The interactions between Yasaburo and the Friday Fellows, specifically the Professor, are really unnerving – bro, dudes ate your dad! And, hey, what do you know, Yasaburo acknowledges it at the end of episode six that he himself is baffled by the fact that he doesn’t hate either Benten or the Professor even though they ate his dad. This is one of those times when anime actually manages to get the whole “life is complicated” thing down properly; I can’t bring myself to dislike the characters, either. It makes for a simultaneously engrossing and squirm-making viewing.

Benten’s involvement in Professor Akadama’s injury and her apparent lack of remorse over it makes more sense now, by the way – in her shoes, I would’ve done the same thing, gathering up the info over the years before exacting my revenge.

Day Break Illusion, episodes 5-6

So! Our favorite bull in a china shop. Oh dear, am I about to say that I think it actually had a very good episode? That even with some silly, over-the-top bits, it had a legitimately solid episode? Because episode five was handled fairly well, and I was surprised at that, even if I could also pick out what was going to happen a mile off. I also found myself caring about the fates of a couple of characters! I was truly hoping that nothing dreadful was going to happen to Ginka or her father; they are the best characters in the show so far, and I honestly think they’ve got the best characterization so far. Ginka’s straightforward nature and her refusal to dwell on past miseries is exactly the sort of thing this show needs (and, really, is exactly what many other shows need), and while some may turn up their noses at Ginka saying things right out instead of letting us as an audience cotton onto it, I felt it was entirely in keeping with her character.

Episode six, on the other hand, was pretty much what I’ve come to expect from this show, i.e. not really even decent; I was bored silly at several points. On the plus side, even as ham-handed as it was, I did like Seira a bit more by the end. She’s been such an irritatingly dull character to this point, so even if it was pretty predictable, just giving her more screentime and deviating from her usual stupid spiel was merciful. Her breakdown at the end of the episode was even handled solidly. I did still snicker at her friend’s death-scene, though.

You know, for all the Madoka Magica comparisons, I have to say that it smells pretty strongly of that by way of Jigoku Shoujo. Hard to explain exactly, its more a sensation while watching than anything solid.

One area where I feel comfortable lauding this show completely, by the way – the quiet horror of the ultimate fates of people who’ve become Daemonia. There really is something utterly disturbing about being forgotten by everyone, even those whom you mattered to most.

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