Free! Episode Nine

free ep 9

Why, yes, I am an equal opportunity slash shipper.

But, come on, how could you pass that ship up? They shared a hotel room! Also, I never like teacher-student pairings, so if I support it here, it MUST BE LEGIT.


  • Rin is an asshole; this seems to have become my refrain over the past few weeks, but it’s just as true now as it was before
  • poor Nitori – he’s so concerned for Rin, follows him around like a puppy, and Rin barely notices him there, the poor kid
  • Detective Rei was quite funny, and they did a good job integrating his basic character with it; Rei reciting the physical dimensions of Rin while he’s sneaking around following him? Totally believable. Ditto Rei trying to be very secretive about it, dashing from booth to booth so he can hide… its so Rei.
  • I’m going to say again that I really, really like the characterization that’s gone on in this show for the most part, and I bring it up specifically in reference to Haruka, and also in reference to Makoto and Haruka’s friendship – Haruka pushed his misgivings to the side for the sake of the relay the episode before, but it didn’t just get forgotten about, as he spends much of this episode struggling with the shock to the system that was his hurt over Rin beating him, and comes to realize what really bothered him (Rin saying they’d never swim together again), and then realizing that it doesn’t bother him anymore because he has his swim club.
  • So, Rin’s bummed out because he doesn’t have that connection with team-mates that he had when he was younger. Boo-hoo. I would be more sympathetic to Rin – after all, we all make decisions we come to regret later on – if he wasn’t such a little shit to so many folks, and wasn’t so damn selfish. He opts for the 100 m Free as one of his competition events even though it a. isn’t his usual event, and b. his doing so will lessen the chances of getting to the next championship level of team-mates of his for whom it is their usual event (specifically Nitori, but there are surely others hurt by it, too). He asks his captain to let him on the medley relay team because he wants to swim against Haruka again, thereby bumping a guy out of the team who earned his spot in the next level, and also potentially stirring up Haruka again. Rin just doesn’t care about the effects his own actions have on others and their lives at all.
  • Kou’s cute friend was back! I liked the way she did her hair in the first episode better, though. But I did like seeing her again nevertheless.
  • Makoto continues to be the team mom, which is a fun change from having the team manager as the team mom (although Kou is more coach than manager anyway); Makoto would be such a perfect waifu, he’s so in tune with his team-mates and their feelings
  • but why didn’t we get to see all of them in yukata?! *sulks*


  • Rin is still obsessed with Haruka, although I’m thinking its more he’s jealous of Haruka than anything else – he wants to be him, if anything; I can see the shipping potential, sure, but its also not my favored ship
  • emotional conversation between Haruka and Makoto? oh hell yes, and there I was, silently hoping for a kiss =P
  • y’know, stuff Rin – Nitori deserves someone who will actually care about him, and all Rin did this episode was ignore the poor guy completely
  • hmm, I guess Kou couldn’t really have gone to the festival with Ama-chan-sensei, and I did like seeing her cute friend again, but, le sighhh


  • not too much swimming this episode, huh? Rei lingering in the water after Haruka takes off is an amateur move, which makes sense since Rei hasn’t been in competition before, but its odd that Nagisa and Haruka aren’t trying to haul him out – if you don’t get out fast enough, your whole relay can get disqualified, and usually other relay members will haul your ass out of the water since you’ve just swum as hard as you can
  • by the way, if someone tried to take my place on one of the relay teams I was on in high school swimming, there would’ve definitely been blood, ’cause that shit is not acceptable; someone tried to do that for one of the boy’s relays on my regular swim team (I swam both on a local team and with my high school team in high school), and not only did the coach tell the kid to take a hike, the guy he was trying to steal the spot from punched him in the face (it was such a mess, they ended up having to switch in a third boy instead for the relay given the violence)
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