Free! Episode Eleven

free ep 11

Angst, angst, angst.


  • ok, so, the swim club doesn’t have a huge budget, but can afford to rent an entire regular-sized bus for four people? hmm, ok…
  • also, the journey apparently takes the entire day, but Ama-chan-sensei, Goro, Kou, and a few others will be driving to the tournament in the morning – well, maybe they’re taking the train instead? except, if they are, why’d the guys take a bus? I find it hard to believe that train fare would’ve been pricier than renting that whole bus, and I also don’t really get why they would rent an entire bus and not have the coaching and cheering sections go on it, too
  • honestly, not a huge amount happens in the this episode outside of the confrontation between Rin and Rei, and then Rin getting booted from the relay team
  • I giggled when Rin was shown texting Rei while he was standing by those windmills; later he apologizes for having him come out there, and I can’t help but wonder why that was even necessary to go so far out, as a city park should’ve fit the bill just as well
  • so Rin was discouraged by his experience in Australia, and it really isn’t surprising – I’d guessed that was the case a while ago, since Rin may’ve been some hotshot on a local swim team in Japan, but, well, hey, folks, lets consider that Australia has one hundred seventy-eight Olympic medals for swimming to Japan’s seventy-three (and might I mention that East Germany has more medals in swimming than Japan despite having not fielded a team since 1988 and having only fielded teams at six Summer Olympics to Japan’s twenty-one?) (by the way, America has five hundred twenty), so it was unlikely Rin was going to be able to go toe-to-toe with those kids right off the bat
  • and Rin gets kicked off the relay team, although he never should’ve been let on it in the first place, if you ask me – its been pretty obvious for a while that Rin doesn’t have much concern for his team-mates and their triumphs and struggles, after all, and that the captain let him edge out the original team member he replaced doesn’t speak too well of Seijuurou


  • “How do you feel about Haruka?”
  • sigh, so much potential, so little of it used…
  • everybody’s in hotel rooms, two to a room! aaaand it synchs up perfectly with the preferred ships! oh, KyoAni, you devil, your cruel, mocking devil! of course, nothing happens at all…
  • poor Nitori continues to be Rin’s biggest fan, to absolutely no avail


  • dat pool… I wanted to lick it… it was just so gorgeous!
  • its interesting to have Nagisa talking about being nervous because that was honestly something I almost never associated with swimming, although likely because I wasn’t a particularly good swimmer – I did manage to place fifth in the conference for 100 yard butterfly
  • is Rin breathing every stroke on butterfly because he’s off his game? I hope so, because it doesn’t make any sense for a good swimmer to be doing that otherwise, you end up using a love more energy and you also create a lot more drag by doing so
  • “There’s only one thing to eat before a tournament!” and I immediately thought, “Pasta.” but the boys head out and eat protein-laden dishes instead of just binging on carbs; for my high school team, we had pasta parties before our meets
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