Free! Episode Ten

free ep 10

Catching up.

Lot of stuff going on in my life right now, so not a ton of time for anime. Using today to catch up on/finish off Free, though, so expect a few more posts today.


  • so Rin was a fairly sunshiny youth, and Haruka was kind of sullen – not just quiet, but there’s a negative edge to it there as well… as for Nagisa and Makoto, they were pretty much the same then as they are now
  • while Haruka’s refusal to swim in the relay initially might seem unkind, I would like to point out that Haruka is perfectly within his rights to turn down the offer; just because Rin wants people to swim with him doesn’t mean those people have to want to swim with him
  • going off of that, Rin’s inability to get what Haruka really means when he says “free” is indicative of the larger gap between the two, where one wants to win, while the other wants to be part of the water
  • hopping forward a bit, I don’t think Rei’s right when he says Haruka wants to swim the relay because of Rin – Haruka opted to swim it far before they knew Rin was going to hop aboard his team’s relay team for the next level of competition, after all, and episodes eight and nine made it very obvious that he’s doing the relay because of Nagisa, Makoto, and Rei; this feels like a rather curious blindspot for Rei to have developed, and I’m not sure if we’re supposed to take it as a retcon of previously demonstrated truth or a demonstration that Rei isn’t totally on top of things because he’s not been told everything at that point in the episode
  • awwww, cuuuuute, Haruka told Nagisa when they were kids that he could run home with him if he could keep up, so Rei wasn’t the first to do that to him! and, heh, Makoto, of course, is worried about the bicycle
  • so, during hot pot times, we figure out that Ama-chan-sensei was a gravure idol, to absolutely no one’s surprise; I like how its handled, with the kids all still in the dark about it, and with Goro shutting up when Ama-chan-sensei tells him the back off, saying she figures he gets why she doesn’t want any talk about it
  • lurking beneath the surface of Free! is a story about how being an adult doesn’t always mean you get to do the fun, cool things you wanted to, like with Goro as a pizza delivery man, and here with Ama-chan-sensei more or less indicating that she didn’t necessarily model because it was fun; we also had a slight taste of it at the very beginning when Haruka talked about how as a kid you can be a genius but then you’re an adult and you don’t stand out at all, and with the classmates talking about Ama-chan-sensei having gone to Tokyo and failed at her dreams
  • (it makes me think of Clannad~After Story~ a little bit, too – yes, really! because Tomoya grows up to be a repairman for an electrical company, and, let’s be honest – is that the sort of thing children dream of being when they grow up?)
  • by the way, why on earth is the fan facing into the room? shouldn’t it be at the back of the room so it pushes the hot air out? its just blowing the hot air from the hot pot back into the room!
  • while Rei does go off to find Rin to, presumably, have it out from him, I think that Rei is also upset at being left out of the loop because its just another reminder that he’s a fairly recent addition – he doesn’t have all those rosy, nostalgic memories with these guys that they have with each other, and that can’t really always be easy


  • eh, not a huge amount this time around, but I was dismayed to see Nagisa and Rei on the train with a bag between them D=


  • good lord, I do love the details KyoAni bothers with – not everybody uses the same racing start, and it becomes more obvious in this episode since they spend a good amount of time practicing the relay, so you get to see them starting off the block quite a bit
  • so, one type of start, and the one that is more common, looks like the stance that runners use when they start races – one foot forward, one back
  • the other start has both feet placed at the edge of the starting block; I never really used this one myself, and I think its harder to get it done properly since the balance is more precarious
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