Free! Episode Twelve

free ep 12

I hate you, Rin.


  • sooo we’ve got our Iwatobi boys all revved up and ready to go with their relay, and Rin just has to come along and ruin it with his petulant and childish behavior… wow, thanks a lot, Rin
  • I mean, really – Rei, a guy who is mature enough to step back when he thinks it means more to Rin to be able to swim with the other boys in the relay, gets bumped in favor of a whiny, tantrum-tossing loser like Rin
  • “But, ohh, it helped Rin!” yeah, and you know what else would help Rin? if someone smacked him across the face and told him to stop acting like a freaking toddler whenever he doesn’t get his way, holy fuck!
  • did I mention how much I hate Rin? because I really, really do – almost all the conflict in this show could’ve been avoided if Rin had, early on, realized that maybe he should act more like and adult and less like an angry pre-schooler
  • I’d heard that some folks complained that the final episode was melodramatic, but, well, I will say this – Rin going into berserk tantrum mode was entirely in keeping with his lousy personality to this point
  • that all having been said, I don’t have an issue with the fact that they pulled that switcharoo with the relay – it was entirely believable that they did it, even if I find Rin utterly irritating, and by that point the show couldn’t really do anything else and have a resolution
  • Rei sure looked lonesome when the relay boys were being all affectionate on the pool deck, though


  • Nitori continued to be positive and optimistic to Rin, who returned the favor by yelling, hitting things, and being scary; fuck you, Rin
  • and, blech, squishy feelings and Rin being overly emotional with Haruka… I guess there are some people who do like that, sigh
  • oh, yeah, and its straight from the Digimon Adventure school of homoerotic undertones, as Rin cries onto Haruka as he straddles him after he physically lashes out at him and they end up rolling around on the ground a bit! nothing about otoutos, though
  • BUT its Makoto who gives Haruka the lift out of the pool after the relay


  • y’know, I never had trippy magical ocean times during a race, but I did often get so in the zone once I hit the water that I didn’t have to pee even though I had to when I was behind the starting block… and the moment I got back on the deck, I’d remember I had to pee
  • …ok, this was always funny to me because at least someone at every meet I ever attended would float the idea that you would swim faster if you had to pee, and it was not at all the case
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