Beyond the Barrier at a Glance

beyond the barrier ep 1

Starring someone new and different, a clumsy high school girl!

And the Snarky Guy, as copyrighted by KyoAni.

Much like with Golden Time, I am fairly conflicted about Beyond the Barrier (Kyoukai no Kanata) – on the one hand, I like some elements a good bit, but, on the other, some bits of it are just irritating as hell. Lead girl Mirai getting her head stuck in a bucket and not realizing it is the sort of ultra dumb thing that makes a person want to smack the writers around – seriously, who thought this was a good idea or at all funny? – and there are a few too many moments like this in the episode. When I had originally read the description of the show, I even remarked to someone that “clumsy girl” as a descriptor of the heroine made me very, very leery, and its played to the hilt here, with the poor girl barely able to cross a room without tripping. I don’t find it cute or endearing.

For all that Mirai’s klutziness and denseness annoyed the hell out of me, though, I didn’t dislike this episode overall – there is just the slightest sinister odor lurking underneath the proceedings to interest me, and I liked male lead Akihito’s fellow literature club member Nase. Akihito himself is decent, even if he does hail straight from KyoAni central casting – he seems a bit more toward the Houtarou school than the Kyon one, thank goodness, although he doesn’t seem to lack self-esteem the way the former did initially. And of course the whole thing looks gorgeous. Oh, and I realllllly liked the ED, both art and music.

Really, if they just toned down the clumsiness and idiocy of Mirai, I think I’d enjoy this show a whole lot more, so I’m hoping that’s the case in future episodes.

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  1. Vucub Caquix says:

    Point by point, pretty much my thoughts on the show exactly. From the girl, to the darkness, to the ED.

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